What is your eye colour?

  • Black/dark brown
  • Amber/light brown
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Hazel
  • Grey
  • White because I am so old that I have cataracts
  • Red because I am albino
  • Other colours

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Because I’m bored.

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Only one selection possible? Mine are gray, blue, green.


The three eyed cow! The holiest of holy.


K Dr_Mystique.

Who has black eyes?
Need to find my stakes and kill these monsters.

My daughter too

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Uhm, well, have you been to Taiwan before?



They are very dark brown, when you catch light off of them at sufficiently oblique angles.

The only black in any and all eyes, is the pupil, but not from pigmentation


Wow oy 3% light brown I’m a little shocked

Same here. Mood eyes.

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Having brown eyes I always hear the saying “you’re so full of shit it’s coming out your eyes”

Wouldn’t that have a little brown in it? I have no brown.

Looks like most ppl are white.

Maybe you can do a poll about skin color too?

I might do a poll about hair color.

Real or dyed?


Real or dyed (or sun bleached)?

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