What is your natural hair colour?

Just because

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Auburn
  • Ginger
  • Blond
  • Grey because I was born 65
  • White because I’m albino
  • Other colours because I was born a Japanese anime character

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Somehow there’s an odd sixth sense that Gain is painting people’s portraits through these surveys?
Next up, length of hair, beard/no beard, glasses/no glasses.
Forumosa’s newest Picasso.

I’m a bit like this:

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Be careful… it could be a hacker trying to get your security information by having you answer personal questions… like some of these survey questions look like security questions.


My hair is naturally 3 different colors

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Yes I am a spy.

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how do i answer “blond as a kid which has darkened with age”?


Your grown-up hair colour obviously.

This is species-ist. Need a black/white option for @Dr_Milker.

I thought he’s yellow

I just don’t know how he types so many posts so quickly with those stubby hooves.

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What kind of cow is yellow? That’s still not an option in any case…

The one on the picture.

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You’ve never heard of teat typing?

You must go through a lot of liquid damaged keyboards.

Milk first, then type. It’s not rocket science.


That’s how I was too. Blond until around 10 and then it turned brown.

Me three.

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You are assuming we still have hair. Or does back hair count too?



There are fewer blondes than I thought.

“I identify as having natural rainbow hair :rainbow:”

Mine is naturally auburn. For some reason people think the auburn color is fake and that my curls are a perm. Even hair dressers which is a bit concerning.