What is your Taiwan level?

Check yours here: TaiwanEx 制縣等級 | zhung

Mine is quite low. But on the other hand, I’ve just been here for almost four years.


Level 48.

I think level 0 should be “not sure if it’s the same as Thailand”.


It appears the max score is 110.


You’ve never been to Taitung? :open_mouth:


You should fix that!

I got only 43-44 - I missed Keelung (3) and Chaiyi (1 or 0, depending on which way the HSR goes).


You think your score is low? Check this out–and I’ve been here about 7 years! Hahahahahaha

To be fair, despite living in a foreign country, I’m a real homebody. Traveling around exhausts me. It’s not that I don’t want to see other parts of Taiwan. I just don’t NOT want to stay at home more than that.


Says the guy who has never been to Kaohsiung.

I’m kidding.

I’d love to go but i’d like to go with friends who don’t whine about how far the 711 across the street is and I’d like to do it for more than a weekend as travel is a major component of the time.

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How did you get to Kaohsiung and Nantou?

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Yeah, I keep meaning to do that, but I only went down to Tainan once when my dad was visiting, and we didn’t have enough time to go to Kaohsiung as well…

Ok, We’re doin a Kaohsiung Pingtung Taitung Forumosa Trip

Kaohsiung I like to do because I can pass out on the Ho Hsin buses that recline enough to actually lie down.

I take the night buses and they’re quite comfortable for something that’s half the price of the HSR. Get there in the morning and I have the whole day to myself.


The smaller Islands don’t seem to be very popular with the Forumosans :joy:

Cause like Taitung, it’s a pain in the ass to get to and enjoy if you work fulltime.


Those small aircraft scare me a little…

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I love sitting in the small ones. I wish I could fly one myself one day.

Yeah. We wanted to go to Okinawa for ages but like you said it’s hard to find the time to do so.

There’ve been a few too many accidents over the years involving flights to the offshore counties for my taste.

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I apparated a la Harry Potter! :wink:

Yeah, now that you put it that way…HSR to KS and bus to Nantou would put me higher than 16. But still not so high, I think…

My Taiwan level.

Yellow- been there
Red - been there and love it
Green - want to go or go back