What kind of scholarchip is this?

I am on a list of scholarchips recipients from the MOE. Glad being rewarded I check the internet ( eg www.studyintaiwan.com), and thought I would get 25.000 NT$ for up to one year fullfilling the conditions of course.
Now I found out, my goverment approved language center (it is not an official university) give me and the other people
30.000 NT$ just one time. And this amount will be deduct from my regularly semester fees, I won’t get it once. I am stil feel happy (better than not been rewarded), but as I didn’t find ANY informations like that on the internet , I am just surprised and wondering what kind of scholarchip that would be ?? Can it be, that it is ONE or TWO scholarchip to be shared moneywise to all the recipients, can match math-wise …
For me this sound sound more like a reward than an actual scholarchip. You native english speakers, what exactely does a scholarchip mean ???
Anyone have heard about that please private email me or write in in here …
Wanna wait for a feedback from you before I will actually asking thye administration about that …
Thanks for your help, bye

A scholarship is actually any money you are GIVEN toward the costs of your study. You don’t have to pay it back (that would be a “student loan”). It could be a large amount, disbursed monthly, or a lump sum like yours. And for smaller sums, you often never see the money. When I went to college in the US, I had a combination of scholarships, loans and “work-study” money. I never saw the scholarships except on paper: “What an honor! You’ve won the Joe Blow Memorial $500 scholarship” which means they subtract $500 from your tuition bill and the Joe Blow Foundation pays them that amount. At least you don’t have to pay that much (as you say).

A stipend is a monthly amount of money you are (usually) given to spend as you like. It is assumed that you will do sensible things like buy food and textbooks with this money, but it’s issued to you and what you do with it is up to you.

Some scholarship packages include both a scholarship (often free tuition) and a stipend. When I did my second MA in Taiwan, I had a scholarship that came in the form of a monthly stipend, but I still had to pay full tuition fees at the normal times.

Don’t know if that is any clearer, but anyway congratulations on being chosen for a scholarship, no matter what kind it is!!

The MOE website says that the MOE SPOT scholarship is $25K monthly. I thought that they would only give you a scholarship if your language school is officially recognized. The payment of the scholarship is made through your school. I think you should ask the administration exactly what are the terms of the scholarship. You might also try contacting the TECO that serves your area in your home country.