What money should I use in Bali?

Ok what should I bring to Bali? Should I get Indonesian currency or American dollars? I’d rather use Indonesian currency but is it better to use the greenback, and how much should I bring for a 4-day trip? It’s going to be a budget trip with no partying and cheap accomodation!

Try Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree. I’d suggest using the local currency as the exchange ratio is enormous.


Bring US $. They’ll give you more for it there. Especially $100 bills. You won’t get as much for the small bills. Oh, and make sure they’re brand new.

US$100 = 842,640 Indonesian Rupiah
1 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) = 0.0001187 US Dollar (USD)

That’s a wad.

Interested to hear other experiences but for my mind the exchange booths at CKS offer some of the better rates I’ve experienced.

Wouldn’t it be better to go straight from NT$ to Ruppiah rather than first buying US$ and then Ruppiah? Or is the difference between what you get for the US so much better?


This isn’t related directly to your request, but this seems a good opportunity to mention the extremely useful travelers’ currency cheat sheet service. I never take a trip abroad without making at least one cheat sheet. I use them even on trips back the States. :shock:

[quote=“Alleycat”]US$100 = 842,640 Indonesian Rupiah
1 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) = 0.0001187 US Dollar (USD)

That’s a wad.[/quote]

It was a million on the street when I was there in February. Seems to have dropped.

Good question. Estimates?

Hmm. No partying? Cheap Accomodations? 4 days?
NT $5000 max.

Was there recently. Changed around NT20,000 here in Taiwan. Used the ATM card for the rest while I was there. Worked for me.

Thanks for all the input…so I guess the best thing to do is buy american currency and then exchange it there…and the american dollar is slidding aswell against the nt…so I think I will go with that plan. [/quote]