What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—

New year. New thread!

OK< in case you didn’t notice , 2017 is here ! So time to post movies in a new thread .

Just watched PASSENGERS and WHY HIM? last night , back to back.

PASSENGERS is one of those space movies with very few actors. But it was really well made. What’s her face is cuter then cute , as usual. Sad movie , makes you wonder about a lot of things about life.

Followed by WHY HIM. A really good laugh of a movie, especially following on the downbeat PASSENGERS.

Both recommended ! See em ya hear?!

I’ve watched this because all the titles I’m waiting for this month are not available yet.

It has to be one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched. It belongs to the:“It’s so bad it’s good” category, I spent 80% of the time laughing.

The acting is the pits. The script makes no sense. Special effects seem to be stock presets.

The director has been making movies for 30 years, the fact that this kind of quality can keep him in business is shocking.

A masterpiece of shittyness.

I still do not understand the concept of watching movies that scare you.

I guess everyone’s ways of being entertained are different.

This was just hilarious and bad at the same time. It kind of follows the theme of Wedding Crashers, but just some different kind of humor.

Note: Zac Efron does take off his shirt…multiple times.

If it’s a rainy afternoon and you got absolutely nothing else to do. Worth a watch.

Rambo Festival on Cinemax RIGHT NOW!

Johnny just jumped out of the plane over Vietnam

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Watched Hell or High Water last night. Really enjoyed it. If you liked No Country for Old Men, but thought “Eh, needs to be a bit less Coen-y”, then you’ll love Hell or High Water. There’s nothing exactly new in it, but everything’s done very, very well. Jeff Bridges continues the Marlon Brando route of “Let’s see if putting even MORE marbles in my mouth gets me yet more critical praise!” I’ve always liked Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, but in this film he shows more range than I’d have expected.

A Monster Calls. Really good movie, suggested both for kids and adults.

I think Felicity Jones is terrible and I don’t understand why each month or two there’s a new movie with her. There’s a ton of more talented actresses in the world, and she’s not even particularly good looking. Is she married to someone famous? Or does she have a relative working in Holllywood or in politics?

Dimmit. Now I know why Andy Lau agreed to appear in The Great Walll, this alleged blockbuster China/Hollywood collaboration. He was supposed to film in a few weeks a movie in the US -a foothold in the Western market by one of the biggest Hong Kong artists- so it sounds like a tit for tat. But alas, Andy had an accident -a horse stomped on him while filming an ad in Thailand- that will leave him out of comission for a whole year. :cry:

If you guys haven’t seen Hidden Figures yet, DO IT. So. Freakin’. Good.

It’s based on true events, too. I was surprised how much was directly lifted from real life, including chunks of dialogue that were delivered verbatim.

LA LA Land is probs going to win all of the awards (because it is a very fun and technically challenging movie), but Hidden Figures is straight up a better film.

Another better film that LA LA Land will likely steal awards from: Moonlight. Highly recommended.

Isn’t it pretty great? Totally caught me off guard. Unexpectedly engaging, funny, thoughtful.

By the writer-director of the delightful Beginners (the film that Christopher Plummer finally won an Oscar for): 20th Century Women, starring Annette Bening and Billy Crudup.



Underworld: Blood Wars
Pretty bad movie, the plot is silly and Selene is basically like Goku.

Resident Evil: the final chapter
Atrocious, no other words to describe it.

From Shyamalan I always expect the worst, this was not bad though. There are some of the iconic (bad) characteristics of a Shyamalan’s movie, such as his (terrible) acting cameo, an unexpected plot twist and an overall:“An nothing happened” feeling, but apart from that I liked the movie.

A Monster Calls was by far the best movie I’ve seen this January, with Split in second place. A pretty far second place, but still much better than the rest of that garbage.

Wifey went to see Resident Evil

I opted for LALaland

Only a gay couple and an older couple and myself in that small cinema in martinez on a weekday night

I don’t like musicals per se but I wanted to see this because of all the acclaim the movie has drawn

Yes it was very artsy fartsy
Yes it was definitely a musical
And yes it was very well done

Rare do I want to see a movie again
This one I do

I don’t like the ending in the sense that it was not your average Hollywood love story ending

But …

Go see it

And… now I can’t decide if Emma Stone is more lovable or Jennifer Lawrence

Emma deserves a Best Actress in this one

Both these are some of my favorite series, but I knew they were not worth the movie ticket.

Will wait for the release on streaming platforms.

If you’re a huge fan of the Underworld series, you may enjoy Blood Wars. The director (a lady with a weird name that i can’t remember) did a decent job and it looks/feels like a proper Underworld movie.
For me the main problems were the bad CGI, the lame actions scenes (that director has never done action movies before) and, above all, the screenwriter should just quit his job.

I think the story itself is fantastic, but the film itself, while enjoyable, is nothing groundbreaking imo.

I was definitely horrified by the treatment these women received though. It was hard to watch with all the segragated coffee, toilet, “colored” signs bullshit, those are just fucking ridiculous. I’m really glad that this film was made and now more people are familiar with the history behind the space programme, America or foreigner, and how much of assholes white men were (and still are, in many cases). For that I would strongly prefer this film, or any other film about black people’s struggles like Fences or Moonlight, to win at the Oscars, even though I prefer La La Land. I’m thinking that that could happen especially after the #oscarsowhite controversy last year and all the Republican shitheads flying around in 2017.

That said the best movie of the award seasons that I’ve watched thus far is Manchester by the Sea. Simply a masterpiece. If it weren’t for his sexual assault scandals I would be 200% behind a Casey Affleck win. He was absolutely magnificent, so hollow and haunting. Michelle Williams was mindblowing as well, even though she only had like 1 big scene.

I really like Arrival as well. It really proved that Meryl Streep could easily snore into an Oscar nom when they nodded her boring tripe over Amy Adams’ nuanced, layered, subtle performance in this film. I think it’s her amongst her best work, along with Junebug and The Master.


Yep, Arrival and Manchester by the Sea were great. Amy Adams was really snubbed on that one.

Since you mentioned, here are my Oscar predictions, for both who I think should win, and who will actually win (here are the nominees, FYI). Will also update as we near Feb 26th:

Should win:
Best Picture - Hidden Figures
Best Directing - Barry Jenkins, Moonlight
Best Leading Actress - Ruth Negga, Loving
Best Leading Actor - Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea
Best Supporting Actress - Naomie Harris, Moonlight
Best Supporting Actor - Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
Best Cinematography - La La Land
Best Film Editing - Arrival
Best Animated Feature - Moana
Best Original Screenplay - Manchester by the Sea
Best Adapted Screenplay - Arrival
Best Production Design - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Best Costume Design - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Best Original Score - La La Land
Best Original Song - How Far I’ll Go, Moana
Best Visual Effects - The Jungle Book
Best Sound Mixing - Arrival
Best Sound Editing - Arrival
Best Documentary Feature - OJ: Made in America
Best Foreign Language Film - Toni Erdmann
Best Animated Short - Piper

Will win:
Best Picture - La La Land
Best Directing - Damien Chazelle, La La Land
Best Leading Actress - Emma Stone, La La Land
Best Leading Actor - Denzel Washington, Fences
Best Supporting Actress - Viola Davis, Fences
Best Supporting Actor - Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
Best Cinematography - La La Land
Best Film Editing - La La Land
Best Animated Feature - Zootopia
Best Original Screenplay - Manchester by the Sea
Best Adapted Screenplay - Moonlight
Best Production Design - La La Land
Best Costume Design - Jackie
Best Original Score - La La Land
Best Original Song - City of Stars, La La Land
Best Visual Effects - The Jungle Book
Best Sound Mixing - La La Land
Best Sound Editing - Hacksaw Ridge
Best Documentary Feature - OJ: Made in America
Best Foreign Language Film - Toni Erdmann
Best Animated Short - Piper

I’m with Aziz Ansari. La La Lame was a sleeper. Two people who couldn’t sing, dance or play an instrument beyond the amateur level starring in a musical. Gene Kelly must be turning over in his grave.

Then there’s Hacksaw Ridge. Not even a blip on the Oscars radar. Yet more evidence that the Ministry of Truth takes no prisoners.

Lalalands charm is that it is mild entertainment
It’s not got any major issues to contend with

It’s a big reason many movies succeed
It’s entertaining and a reason we go to movies

Mild entertainment with no major issues to contend with yet it got more nominations than The Godfather?

You don’t see a problem there?