What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


Korean dramas and now crying at the end of Coco? Hang in there @hansioux , 2017 is almost over. You can start a new in less than a week.

Girlfriend was also crying like a baby at the end of Coco. She said, “You didn’t cry? You’re heartless!”


19 days late, but if it’s Taigi, then it’s probably tsiànn khióng-pòo


Father son stories always get me… It’s my Kryptonite. You shoulda seen me after I watched The Visitor from Star Trek DS9.

2017 is almost over, but we are only 1 year in on our journey into darkness.


Call Me By Your Name. It was lovely. I was turned on during the whole time :howyoudoin:


It’s on Netflix.
Will Smith is in it.
Brilliant movie.
Would have gladly paid to see it in a theater.
Don’t believe the crap reviews. It is an awesome movie.


Lot’s of crap reviews but maybe I’ll try and catch it.


Is this out in movies now?


No. I got it down from fmovies lol. It’s scheduled to release in Taiwan on the 12th of January.

I was under the impression that Taiwan had it late but apparently the US will have its nation-wide release on the 19th and outside the US only Canada, Australia, and Sweden already have wide release, so Taiwan is actually an early bird.

Speaking of. I’ve been trying to caught up with the award season and I have seen The Big Sick and thought it was really funny and honest. Holly Hunter was fabulous in it.

And I caught The Theory of Everything on tv yesterday and thought it was pretty mediocre. I loved Felicity Jones and her Jane Hawking but I was kinda not loving Eddie Redmayne and his Stephen Hawking. Charlie Cox was so hot though omg.


I get that if certain indie releases come out only after the Oscars it must feel awful to be left out.

But Jan 12 isn’t too far off - Needless to say we don’t condone this here.

I hate to have to say this, especially to true movie fans. But not voting for good original films with your wallet is the biggest reason why major studios pour their budgets to greenlighting sequels, spinoffs and reboots.

Ultimately, do what you must. But don’t then complain if the amount of quality dramas diminish year after year.

P.S. Look out for I, Tonya and The Florida Project - Along with Call Me they’re among my personal favorites this season.


Some people just like to complain though.

Nonetheless, being in the theater beats my living room. I also have a great excuse to eat popcorn.


You need an excuse to eat popcorn? I guess I’ve been doing it wrong. :sunglasses:


Huh, am I that weird? Absolutely no contest for me - living room. Better popcorn, booze, no friggin’ cell phone screens surrounding me, no dumb ads at the start of the film, no line-ups, volume that I want, and bathroom breaks. Plus watching a movie is only two hours out of my day, rather than 5-6 hours (but that’s what happens when you live in Danshui).


Did you watch it?


Without spoiling anything, can anybody explain why Call Me By Your Name is so popular? It looks fairly generic so I think I’m missing something. I like a sappy movie as much as the next guy but it’s been years since one has lived up to the hype. I am going to watch it when I get the chance just because people really seem taken by it; I just can’t help but feel I’m going to be disappointed.


Not weird…you just live in Danshui.

The theater I frequent is also quite…dead. I went to watch Star Wars Ep8 after the opening weekend and a 250 seater had about 10 people in it.

I imagine it was quite different over at Vieshow, where you bump into all those annoyances you listed.


Cinema I go to is the same. $190 before midday and it’s always dead. Nice interior and they get all the new movies on day 1.

I will go to IMAX on occasion, but it’s normally not worth the headache.


Because while CMBYN has a good story, what sets it apart is how the story is told. The film feels organic and tactile, you feel things as Elio and Oliver feel them. That’s quite difficult to pull of.

It’s also quite the opposite of sappy. The film is tender, it’s vivid, but it’s not upfront or in your face. You don’t get bombarded by what the filmmakers think you should feel, instead it’s an emotional story you can explore. It’s a film that buzzes with desire, innocence, and maturity, and Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet bring them out well. Their chemistry is strong, natural and captivating.

The movie doesn’t patronize you, neither does it alienate you. Instead it feels like a rich memory that gives you room to conjure your own feelings. If you don’t like any sort of ambiguity, you’re not going to like this film.

Having said that, I think this may be the year when James Ivory (known more as a director) finally wins an Oscar for this screenplay.


That’s enough for me. I guess that’s the sort of thing you just can’t get from a trailer or promotional poster. I was going to check it out anyway but I’m more interested now. Thanks.


If I were American and living in one of the big cities, I would probably go to the cinema to see them, unfortunately I’m not.

And it was initially scheduled to be released in February. It was rescheduled to January and I learned that like two days ago.

I think major studios pour their budget to those awful sequels, spinoffs and reboots because most movie-goers are borderline braindead and they only watch blockbusters.

Besides, I never complain that the amount of quality dramas diminish year after year. I hate superhero movies and I hope they stop producing them altogether, but there are quite a few decent indie films pretty much every year.

Stop acting as if I was the only complainer here. This whole site is practically foreigners complaining about this and that in Taiwan.


I think @ranlee 's just saying people in general. So was I.

What does that have to do with this?