What Movies Are You Watching (2019)

Yeah I’ve heard mixed things. I’m going to take my daughter in a week or two.

If you like snow you should just watch Doctor Zhivago, not some abominable crap that’s got 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s not like Michael Fassbender’s got any nude scenes in it.

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For that you watch Shame :eyes: :eggplant::peach:

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Yep :point_down:


Not too shabby.

Marriage story on Netflix.

Edit: In addition to the film itself being awesome, Randy Newman’s score for it is probably my favorite of the year.


The Lighthouse.

Def a “holy f*ck, can’t believe they gave people money to make that” movie.

Glad I saw it.



A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The whole theater was sniffling throughout. Tom Hanks nails it yet again.



Did not expect to see two good actors in that. I’ll see it just for them.

Terminator Dark Fate was crap. Heads up

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Is the Lighthouse really that good?

Saw the preview and it sorta spooked me.

It’s good in the sense that I’m a filmmaker and this is a film that has guts, and I appreciate those involved swinging for it. I get the references they’re making and I applaud the intent behind many of the decisions. Good acting, good technical craft.

But the film’s heavy German expressionist style and lack of a clear, primary narrative plot also risks alienating those who don’t appreciate sitting 2 hours for “art.”


If you are used to artsy Taiwanese movies, I guess you’ll be fine. Tsai Ming-liang anyone?

Robert Pattinson is really breaking free of that whole ‘Twilight’ vampire image. I’m glad he’s coming into his own as an accomplished actor.


He has some really great movie performances while trying to break that image. Mostly small movies but good.

He reminds me of DiCaprio breaking free of his teen heart-throb image in the late 90s and early 00s.

And Robert Pattinson will jump into the limelight again as, the next Batman.

He says he hopes is not as popular as a Twilight series because he doesn’t like the attention. Ha

Where can I see this film? I needs to see me it.