What Movies Are You Watching (2019)

I’ve decided to be positive for a change today and create a normal topic.


I just saw The Favourite and it was brilliant. Please win everything.

I’ve been wanting to see that. I’ve always liked Rachel Weisz a lot even though she got stuck with some really stupid roles in the past.

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I think Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is considered as a movie. I am still on it…

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She was brilliant in it. All three leads were spectacular. I’ll probably go to the cinema and watch it on big screen when I have time because it’d be worth it. It’s beautifully filmed.

Saw The Mule today with Eastwood playing a 90 year old man, I think he actually is 90 years old ?

Anyway good film.
Nice to see a real movie without cgi

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I hope that makes it to Taiwan.

Saw a trailer for The Mule before Bumblebee. It’s out in a couple of weeks.

Any ‘What Series Are You Watching?’ questions allowed? :hugs::nerd_face::innocent:

You can create a topic for that.

What I saw yesterday:

What I’m watching now:


Wifey wants to see
A dogs way home…
Is that what it’s called?

She’s on home visit in indo and we will watch it in different countries together lol

Here we go


In the Mood for Love?

What I’m watching now:

The Tree of Life?

First is In the Mood for Love. Second is Jean de Florette + Manon des sources.

Oh, that man is sooooo handsome.

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Eh he’s alright. Too short for me. Maggie Cheung was gorgeous in it though.

I’m really itching to watch The Favourite but it doesn’t look like it’s coming to Taiwan until the 25th.

The screener has already leaked but the quality isn’t the best. Maybe wait for a few weeks.

Movies I’ve recently failed to watch: Ingrid Goes West and Eighth Grade. Both seem pretty good, but the second-hand cringe and embarrassment … I just couldn’t last more than thirty minutes in either.

But that’s me - I chose to miss the two decades of comedy that built on Seinfeld’s George. I’ve heard good things about both films, yet I guess they’re not for me.

…You walked out?

IGW lost me pretty early on but everyone was there so I sat through it out of respect for them, otherwise it’d be pretty awkward at the after party.

Nah, iTunes rentals. I’ve got Eighth Grade for another 24 hours and may try again. Wish I could temporarily turn off whatever mirror neurons make films like that so uncomfortable for me. There’s an early web browsing / religion / addiction scene that’s fantastic.

But like Support the Girls, which I really enjoyed, Eighth Grade had me thinking, “Wait, people call this a comedy? And they think this (good!) scene is hilarious?! What’s wrong with either me or the rest of the world?!”