What Movies Are You Watching (2019)



Along the themes of young ladies on social media: You know what you should avoid, though? Assassination Nation. I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of a movie before, ever. But sitting through that one was absolute torture. I just couldn’t do it to myself. Thank god for moviepass (which at the time wasn’t as sh*tty as it is now).


I want to see Eighth Grade because I really like Bo Burnham’s comedy. Just haven’t gotten around to it. A bit disappointed to hear it may not be that good.


Don’t get me wrong - it seemed quite good, and critics have loved it. I just have annoying brain circuits that kick in whenever anything horribly awkward and uncomfortable is happening on screen. And, well, this film is doing a very good job of showing how uncomfortable eighth grade - perhaps the most uncomfortable time of life! - can be.

The lead actress did an amazing job in the thirty minutes I lasted through.


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I go back and forth on how much of this kind of comedy I can handle. Sometimes it goes over the line that turns my stomach to knots. 8th grade is pretty awkward and uncomfortable, though, yeah. Will have to see how I go.


Do you have any dirt about celebrities? :howyoudoin:


Blind Box. Worse than the general consensus :man_facepalming:


Bird Box, right? I haven’t seen it yet, but it seems to be polarizing.

Bird Box shows up on a lot of lists of best horror movies of 2018, and nearly as many lists of worst horror movies of 2018. Usually that means it’s more about art than providing the audience closure, so there’s that. I’ll probably watch it this weekend to see for myself.


Yes sorry Bird Box. I keep saying Blind Box even IRL, my bad.

I watched it just cuz it was a big release, wasn’t expecting anything and still was disappointed.


I never got the “Maggie Cheung is attractive” thing. She looks like a humanoid squid to me.


Do you find any woman attractive?:roll:



Only one?




Bit man faced


Wife likes kiddie movies
Went to see A Dogs Way Home

Good feel good movie

CGI animals a bit fake but hey


She just doesn’t look like a cutesy little Asian girl like Tommy likes (I don’t mind those either).


Nah she’s very pretty , just stirring the pot
Being hyper critical


Forgive me but who is she ?