What Movies Are You Watching (2019)



Is that a young Sophia Loren ?


Seriously? You don’t recognize Libbie Custer, wife of GA Custer late of the Little Big Horn massacre?

eta: whoops, Doc gave it away. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lauren Bacall. You don’t watch old movies much, do you? Sophia Loren is correct.


I finally got around to Venom.

I liked it, but I don’t know enough about Venom and Eddie Brock to comment about whether it was a good depiction. My image of Venom is still…

Image result for topher grace venom meme


Lauren Bacall. One of the only screen legends from the Golden Era who lived till the 2010s, she died a few years ago. Olivia de Havilland and Kirk Douglas are the only two left today.

Good picks, I find these 2 even prettier though.


Vivien Leigh I like, Grace Kelly not so much. I can’t quite pin it down, but there’s something a little stiff about her.


Lauren Bacall? She’s a Hottie
Don’t think I was old enough to Perve on her or Loren when they were at their peaks nor Elizabeth Taylor

One of the best moments I had was when I was in hsimenting when miss universe was filming eons ago

That was something . Bus loads of the prettiest girls in the world all there to gawk at for an hour or two

So many honkie girls were so gorgeous but they were kind of all pretty so I couldn’t choose

Of the non white girls I chose miss Thailand as prettiest followed by miss korea

And lo and behold they became winner and first runner up. In that order


Yeah Leigh . Saw Gone with the Wind 7 times


And lo and behold they became winner and first runner up. In that order

You missed your calling as a randy beauty pageant judge.


You missed your calling as a randy beauty pageant judge.

Or an organizer and wanna be wall builder Trump !!


Well, you do have a foreign born wife. So you and Trump at least have that in common.


Lol and the commonality ends there


You missed your calling as a randy beauty pageant judge.

To be honest I didn’t think miss Thailand and miss Korea were the prettiest…just that I couldn’t choose amongst the bevy of white girls there who were all of a sameness gorgeous


I can just imagine @tommy525 sitting there with his cat, visions of beauty contestants dancing in his head. :grin:


You must indeed have a cam on me. It’s 9pm and the cat and I are watching some show on YouTube about the opium wars and China and the Ching dynasty’s humiliation. The ball and chain is asleep recovering from jet lag after her return from home leave. And we are enjoying Taiwanese style torrential rains !,

Something we rarely have here cept in this time of year.

Blizzard warnings up in tahoe wind expected to gust to 100mph over the hump to Reno and travel is discouraged.

What else is there to do other then remember the miss universe contestants in their pink miniskirts

But to get back to movies. What should I re watch? Hmmm


Given your theme here, how about Spring Breakers?


I was wondering the other day if he was still alive. Mildly surprised by Carol Channing’s death the other day, in the sense of “Wow, she was still around?! Good run!”


So I was reading about how James McAvoy’s performance in M. Night Shyamalan’s Split (2016) was treated badly at The Awards Shows and thought hey, I need to watch that movie.

In digging around for it I learn that Split is actually the second film in something called the Eastman #177 trilogy, which I’d never heard of. The third film, Glass, is set to release soon (possibly has already). I never saw the first film, Unbreakable, because the words super and hero had been bandied about.

And then I learn that this Eastman #177 thing is actually a fucking superhero trilogy. WTF?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :angry:

Is there no escape from this universe and superhero silliness? Et tu Shyamalan?

At least now I can save some time watching any of them. And I also know to dig a little deeper into any new movies I may find myself interested in.


What I’ve gleaned from entertainment podcasts: Unbreakable has had a decent reputation for a long while. Split was talked about maybe 10% for McAvoy’s performance, 90% for the surprise ending twist revealing that it was a sequel to Unbreakable; nobody knew that was happening until the end of the film. Glass has been talked about mainly as being bad and a good reason to once again give up on Shyamalan.


I enjoyed both Unbreakable and Split. And I mostly hate superhero movies. I also find Shyamalan’s oeuvre extremely uneven.