What Movies Are You Watching (2019)



I think that ticked up (talk about McAvoy) when Daniel Kaluuya was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar last March, for Get Out. I am now hearing some people say that if Kaluuya deserved a nomination then so did McAvoy.

Get Out was an ok movie but not that special imo. I loved Jordan Peele’s and Keegan-Michael Key’s Key & Peele television program; Peele is as talented as they come imo. But Get Out was badly overrated as a horror movie imo.

At least it was not a superhero movie, though.


Looking forward to watching “Glass”, as well as “Stan and Ollie”. Not sure when that will be shown in Taiwan.


March 22, says a useful but not always accurate website (the ones that gain Oscar buzz often move earlier in the schedule, although it’s not unusual for me to watch films via iTunes Canada before they show up here):


It has the same director as the previous ones, but holy cow the visuals look so much better. Not the cgi, i mean the framing and the lightning in many of the scenes.
I hope it will not be something like 155 minutes.


I watched it. Was entertaining.


Wow, I did not know that. I can’t wait.

I see this one also has Mark Dacascos, a.k.a. Mani in my all-time favorite werewolf/kung-fu/horror movie of all time, Le Pacte des loups (2001). This portends well.



What an eyerolling documentary.


Nice one. Where did you watch it?


That’s a late release!


In Malaysia, is it not showing in Taiwan? Perhaps it’s too hard for the average person in Taiwan to understand.


It was released in Taiwan earlier than everywhere elese.


Watched Unbreakable last night. Thank goodness for Netflix :slight_smile:


Just watched First Man on dvd
Excellent movie


Guess I’ll have to check this one. Not sure how it got away with the theme of all governments uniting.


2018 Korean movie “Burning”. Great movie.
Korean cinema has come such a long way. Production values are right up there with the best now.


Seems I am the only one watching porn.


3 minutes hardly qualifies. Any reviews?


They finally allow science fiction? I am impressed.



BlacKkKlansman - the far right dumbasses around here should definitely watch it.