What movies are you watching? (2021)


Liked it.

Good and fun enough even for an adult, a couple unexpected twists at least for me, good soundtrack from the 70s fit’s the time period.

I generally like anything with Emma Stone and surprisingly liked this.

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don’t judge me

I’ve got an app on my Apple TV called Tubi which gives free and legal access to a lot of old/B/cult/indie movies, with the occasional advertisement. After ‘They Live’, this probably Roddy Piper’s best movie.

“Roddy Piper’s second best movie!” is an advertising blurb for the ages.


these are both classic films, i’ve see frogtown once before and am pleased with the second viewing :slight_smile:

not sure if there is a third RRP movie of note, however…

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Another Tubi cult classic, I’ve never seen this one

Death Race 2000: Directed by Paul Bartel. With David Carradine, Simone Griffeth, Sylvester Stallone, Mary Woronov. In a dystopian future, a cross country automobile race requires contestants to run down innocent pedestrians to gain points that are...

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Saw it when I was a kid. The old age home scene caught my eye.

Ah… I remember that brief period in 2000 when hitting pedestrians became so popular it was even featured as an Olympic sport. What a crazy time. Glad that fad passed!

I though you didn’t arrive in Taiwan till much later. :thinking:

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Isn’t that the Carradine what killed himself whacking off in Thailand?

Yes. Another David Carradine classic!

allegedly, could have been someone else around at the time, thailand being what it is

5 episodes into season 1. I’ll probably finish the season out but if there’s a big reveal at the end to tease s2 I’m just gonna Wikipedia it. I’m not too impressed. The idea is good, the execution not so much.

Just finished the third Tarkovsky film in a row.

The Mirror

It’s a strange one, one of his masterpieces, some even say it’s one of the best movies ever made.

I don’t know, may I need to watch it a couple of times to understand more than what meets the eye at first… :slight_smile:

Think I might do a movie marathon tonight.

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I still remember being so sad at hearing he passed when I was a kid. That was some Robin Williams-level tragic shit.

What’s your favorite film? I know it’s not most people’s number one, but ‘Cool Runnings’ has me smiling throughout the 2 hour run time.

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Tie between Uncle Buck and The Great Outdoors.

Aw hell, almost everything he did was good.

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I’d like to remind you of Exhibit A, sir.


(Okay, maybe HE was good in it, but it’s still unwatchable. Trust me, I tried.)

fixed it…

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Finished watching The Stalker

It’s deep and heavy. Well, I have seen enough shallow and light for a lifetime.

I enjoy these kind of films so much more than Fast and Furious 9

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