What movies are you watching (2022)

I think so. My step son (for want of a better descriptor) absolutely bloody loves it. Fortunately it’s not a bad film.

Shrek and MIB are constantly repeated on Taiwanese TV. I hate MIB and i now hate Shrek. Unfortunately for me, my wife and kids love both.

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When I was there it was The Rock, Bicentennial Man and The Family Man.

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How can a movie with such great or famous actors suck so bad? Here is the answer to that question.

This guy apparently liked it:

Any fans of Yilan and its beauty and its complexity should absolutely see this film (ditto with Laha’s sublime first feature film, Finding Sayun).




Loved it. Enjoyable escapism. Did not expect to like. Some good suprises. A bit woke. Could be on home TV repeat through the holidays for some people.

Good afternoon.

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The Rock is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Deep down I know it isn’t good, but I’m compelled to watch it every time it’s on.

We tried it. Lasted ten minutes. You start off with the idiot whisper singing and not the handsome RR? WTAF

Nominated in six categories, Gaga took home two awards: best supporting actress for Kagaw Piling’s depiction of an Atayal matriarch trying to maintain order in the family as things fall apart (she is reportedly the oldest woman to receive this award in the festival’s history); and best director to Laha Mebow, who continues to shine as the first Indigenous woman in Taiwan to direct a feature length film.

Hopefully this recognition will give the film some extra legs at the box office, if only to help ensure that more films like this get made in the future.



The Menu is my favorite movie of 2022

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Yesterday I watched a really old Danish porno from the 70s. This was not entirely intentional. When you download a bunch of movies from the 70s and the titles are unclear sometimes a porno slips in (heh heh).

Aside from the excessive body hair it wasn’t bad. What surprised me about it was how many acts you don’t see in those kind of movies now, for obvious reasons. Dudes putting their salamis together to that a woman can pleasure them at once (but not gay?), or dudes putting their salamis into a single person (but not gay?), or some dude getting pegged by a lady with a strap-on.

Porn in 2022 seems to be more stiffly (heh heh) divided between “gay” and “NOT gay,” but back then they don’t seem to have worried about it as much. I really get nothing out of dudes bringing their light sabers into close contact, I just thought it was funny.

We liked it.

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This movie carries a good lesson. We should all try and smile a bit more.

And suicide alone.

just watched ringu for the first time last night. i really dug it. so much that i marathoned ringu 2 right after it. not nearly as good. haven’t seen ju-on yet so maybe i’ll try that one next…

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Wow. That was a real phenomenon when it came out. Still very creepy to watch. Have you seen the American version?

I saw Everything Everywhere All at Once and I thought it was quite fun if a bit on the nose and cliché in its messaging. Michelle Yeoh and KHQ were really good though, and Jamie Lee Curtis is always a delight.

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The original I hope. Alone. In the dark. With a single floor lamp on in the room behind you.

Enjoy! :laughing:

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yeah i saw the american version ages ago, just finally getting around to the original.

cheers for that haha. i’ll be watching it alone i’m sure. wife gets too spooked.

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Another month, another Netflix crop.

I see Mark Wahlberg is his own category now :laughing:

Just put on The Frighteners. Didn’t know it was a Peter Jackson film. Let’s see if it holds up better than MJF :upside_down_face: