What movies are you watching (2022)

My first movie of the year is Don’t Look Up. Meh.


Going to watch Spider-Man tonight

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Dr. Sleep is new on Netflix. So far it’s pretty good.

My general rule for Stephen King adaptations is to watch them just after reading the book, since so much is discarded (inner monologue, character development, etc.); the stories on the screen always make more sense with all those details still fresh in the mind to fill in the blanks. The Shining (novel vs. Kubrick) is a shining example of this.

That said, I have only read Dr. Sleep once and a few years ago, am still enjoying this adaptation without much memory of the book to help out.

I finished watching that this morning. Really over the top with the maga hate. Movie still would have been fine without that.

I didn’t see that. Plenty of left-wing media is not serious about objective reporting, plenty of progressives are science deniers, not sure that it is MAGA-hate so much as commenting on how too much of US society is bonkers these days. The clueless president with the children on staff at the White House is about the only thing that to me pointed directly to Trump, and fair enough in my opinion.


The trailers for ‘Don’t Look Up’ looked pretty bad. And when even trailers can’t make a movie look good, you know it has to be pretty shit. This makes ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’ look like a masterpiece in comparison.


Which one? I saw Far Away the other night and it didn’t suck.

Last night I watched “The old guard.” I’m not as sophisticated as Roger Ebert with my reviews but here goes. ‘An absolute turd of a film.’

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objectively a more renowned purveyor of the subjective art of film review

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Water World, also new on Netflix. Holds up surprisingly well.

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His comments certainly carry more gravity than mine.

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a reviewer of gravitas, not some wet blanket

I watched the last Harry Potter film with my daughter this afternoon. She loved it.

Those kids really can’t act.

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They are English, bad child acting is kinda our thing.


Imagine kids with little imagination being asked to imagine they are Flying or spell casting or riding mythical winged creatures.

Spider man was actually quite good. I think it’s my favorite Marvel movie so far.


Yeah the adult cast carried the franchise.

A Cry in the Dark (1988) - It felt more like a documentary than a fictional feature film as it documented the disappearance of a nine week old baby in Australia to the last detail. I wish Meryl Streep would do more this and less August: Osage County/Florence Foster Jenkins these days. Her famous accent skill was on full display here, but this performance had a heart to it.

The Duellists (1977) - Visually absolutely stunning and the direction was on point, especially during high tension sequences. That said I wasn’t necessarily immersed in it. I think the lead was a miscast. His modern American accent and voice and mannerisms were really jarring against the Napoleon historical context. I think the movie would’ve been a masterpiece if it had actually been filmed in French or at least if the cast had all spoken in a same dialect.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - I acknowledge the vastness and ambition of this project, but it just didn’t really connect with me. It was visually stunning, Peter O’Toole was great through and through, but for me a lot of it felt more like white people playing dress ups than an authentic recount of a chapter of history. There were moments of greatness, but the whole experience felt rather sanitised.


Waterworld, even though good, was a huge failure with harsh criticism when it was released wasnt it?

So it holds up to being a failure or better than that

Okay I’m in.

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better than; i think the new mad max movie borrowed a few things

Ridley Scott’s feature debut (he’s had quite the career since), and Harvey Keitel nails his role despite being American. Yeah, Keith Carradine didn’t do it for me, but I’ve never much liked him in anything. Definitely worth a watch (I think I’ve seen it twice, it’s a interesting period piece)