What movies are you watching (2022)

Without looking it up, Spielberg’s debut movie?

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American Graffiti?

Carrie? No

That was a de Palma film (not sure how close to the first)

and this was George Lucas’ second

i looked it up, and should have known (there’s a title tie-in hint here)

I thought it was Jaws but apparently it was his second.


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It’s his third, no? There was Sugarland Express before Jaws.

According to Google Duel is a TV movie.

Ooh, I might be wrong about Spielberg.

Oi! Without looking it up… :grin:


He didn’t direct Vanishing Point, did he?

Never heard of it

I’m pretty sure he did. Who’s going to quit and Google it?

He didn’t

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you didn’t see Death Proof?

Is that Tarantino?


How are the two films connected?

Go get your chicken dinner.

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inversely proportional to the square of their distances. by which i mean, death proof references it quite explicitly

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