What music are you listening to? (music edition)

A rare departure from my Bach-obsessed life. Mozart’s operatic villains get the best parts :imp:


Then something for dessert. Enjoy.

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Gorgeous piano and stand up bass jazz.

More vinyl gold in the form of Chet Baker.

Sometimes you just stumble upon a specific performance of some old person whose voice sounds like cinnamon honey.

Way back when stuff.
Finally spent a couple minutes to work out the guitar part (aside from the solo).

counting down
how long
till I’m:


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I took a shot in the dark and found your reference. Going to watch it now.

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Light and refreshing.

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I don’t think I’ve ever posted this here but:

Imo some of the best contemporary jazz period. Fuckin brilliant work on this entire album. Some of it - like this track - take a bit of time to build, but are so worth it.

Actually saw him at a small jazz club in Augsburg; I got there maybe an hour early as it was a Sunday and everything closes early in Germany & Austria on Sundays, so having walked (and froze - it was around Christmas time) my ass around the city sufficiently, I decided to go over to the jazz club and just hang around. They said I could come in during setup/sound check, and I got to hear some warmup and threw a request in. Few hours later, the sets over, Oded (the saxophonist) heads over to the bar where I’m sitting and joins me. We probably sat there for 1-2 hours and just talked; at the end he gave me a CD and got it autographed by the entire band. Legend. Guy’s really nice and a wonderful storyteller. Hope to see him again sometime; incidentally, we still keep in touch as he’s a big fan of tea, and in particular those Taiwanese oolongs :slight_smile:

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:guitar: :love_you_gesture:

Wear you’re inside out.
Mercy Street.
Swear they moved that sign.

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cant post anything from that album without also linking cause weve ended as lovers

against the law

Eternal effort to repair the damage done, to no avail.

As long as the hierarchy permits:

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