What POP mail client?

Which POP mail client are you Firefox fans using? Since FF is a standalone, not bundled with a mail client.

I’ve been a Netscape user since 2.0, but recently switched to Firefox. I’m still using Netscape mail & newsgroups… 23.6MB just for a mail client is insane. :noway:

Well, thuderbird is the Firefox uh, the one that goes with Firefox:

I hadly ever use my POP mail and when I do it’s in Linux. Been using KDE mail for that.

Eudora was another one I used and was happy with in the past.

The only probelm I had with Thuderbird is I didn’t like it as an RSS aggregator.

hsiadogah -
You might give consideration to using Thunderbird. Its very intuitive, easy to load and transfer your previous email info to and has very good built-in anti-spam security.
I’ve been using it for several months and like it a great deal.
It does not have a contact manager or scheduling features which may or may not be of import to you.
If these are not mandatory I highly reccomend Thunderbird with Firefox.

Isn’t there also a Organizer in development from mozilla? I don’t remember the name at the moment. I do agree with the previous posters, Thunderbird is the way to go if you are under Windows. Much better security than Outlook, and very nice handling.

But I also do most of my mailing as MTK with KDE’s Kmail, and if you use Kontact, you have an environment that integrates Organizer, Mail, News, Sync etc in one interface.

[quote=“ratlung”]Much better security than Outlook[/quote]d00d, you could open all your ports and then publish your IP address, machine usernames and passwords on the front page of the New York Times and still have better security than using Outlook. :wink:
Why that hasn’t been classified as malware yet I just don’t know. :noway:

3Q for the tip. I’ll try T-bird.

Using Eudora and very satisfied.

Yup, Thunderbird’s spam filter is great. If you enable the adaptive filter and train it correctly, its accuracy will be close to 100%.
I haven’t had to read one junk email in months, and I get dozens every day - they all go directly to the “Junk” folder.
The only thing I don’t like about Thunderbird is that you cannot customize the “reply” header. Well, you can change it a little, but it’s not as flexible as KMail.

Mozilla’s calendar application is called “Sunbird”, but it’s still beta.

Thunderbird all the way. And I luuuurv the spam filter, although it doesn’t always catch the chinese spam sent to me by people who don’t know I don’t understand their language.

Thunderbird. I’ve used Pegasus, Eudora, Outlook, and Outlook Express, but Thunderbird is the best I’ve used.

Oh and I use IMAP and not POP :wink:

I can’t wait - I could drop Outlook then. If only they produced a reliable Office suite.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I had tried Eudora maybe 10 years ago, and hated it. Of course there is the slight chance it’s improved in that time. :wink: I use Mailwasher for spam filtering, and Spamvault on my mail server, so filtering on the client isn’t so important.

Using Thunderbird here too, along with the Mozilla Calendar (the extension version of Sunbird), although that’s a pain in the arse. The extension doesn’t function automatically, and if you want to get mail alerts for calendar events the calendar has to be actively opened. Otherwise yeah, I’m loving the TB action - even using it to get mail from one of my Gmail accounts.

[quote=“miltownkid”]Oh and I use IMAP and not POP :wink:[/quote]Hmm. I tried to set up my IMAP account at Netscape mail, but it didn’t work. :frowning:

Otherwise, I guess T-bird is okay. It wasn’t real easy to import mail from Netscape, had to drag all the folders manually. Bookmarks, accounts and preferences all handled itself very well. 8/10 I’d say.

I have moved to gmail.
yes, it takes a change of mindset.
now I am pleased with gmail.
I don’t have to store mail in my pc anymore
and all my stuffs are accessible once I am connected.


I just don’t trust purely online storage of anything. Online services can fail, and if you don’t have a local backup, you’re in the shit. Yes, I know it’s Google, but Google isn’t immortal. Disks can fail, servers die, companies go bust, services be cut, but if you’ve got your stuff on CD at home, you know you can recover it.

Assuming you have good CD gnomes protection.

[quote=“miltownkid”]Assuming you have good CD gnomes
Well, you’ve got to burn a few extras as sacrifices of course.