What rank are you when you are drafted to ROC military?

Obviously the lowest rank, but what is it called?

Are you looking for the Chinese word for Private?

Are they actually considered Privates for cleaning toilets? I always thought they weren’t really members of the armed forces, just sort of trainees. I may be wrong.

Maybe. It’s not like military I’ve heard of. Something similar to “militiamen”?

Do they have a uniform with a rank insignia?

If so that may give us a hint.

Just checked Wikipedia.

Draftees are considered enlisted members.

The lowest enlisted rank is Private 2nd Class (二等兵).


The general term is 兵, or Private.

If it’s me, call me defence minister. :wink:

After they finish the 4 month training, they are ranked to 二等兵 (private). So, while they are doing the training, they have no rank, iiuc.

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Privates clean toilets in every army that I know of. Sometimes worse.

People mostly just say 二兵 when I was in there.

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