What’s important to you when choosing a cat?

OK I admit the idea for this thread came from a similar sounding other one. But silly poll aside: if you decide to adopt (hopefully) a cat, what’s the most important for you?

  • When choosing a cat, size, power, acceleration, speed and handling are important to me. I consider the entire package, but a cat must be fun to watch when having the zoomies.
  • When choosing a cat, size, power, acceleration, speed and handling are of little importance to me. I consider looks, cuteness, cuddlyness, food economy, etc… to be much more important.

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For me, variety is one important factor: I don’t want a second Persian or Munchkin. Instead I’d like to add a kind of cat to the family that we don’t have yet.

But first priority is, of course: the newbie has to fit into the family somehow. Currently there is an unexpectedly awesome family dynamic amongst my cats. No idea how any additional/new cat could even fit into that…


You could try fostering cats until one fits

Myself, i like big cats. My last cat was often confused for a dog

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I pick them up off the street. If they’re starving and about to get run over, I don’t care what they look like.


That’s a nice idea, thanks! I’ll keep it in mind for if ever a spot at my home opens up again. Currently… we’re full.

Wow, what kind of cat was that? Most cats I know are distinctly different.

I believe some guys choose their girlfriend that way too :laughing:



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I just like mutt cats…

But I came across a shop that has this REALLY BIG cat. Like at least double the size of a normal cat… I wonder how it is…

I wanted another cat but I tried asking ACT Taiwan if I can foster a cat, they say they do not have one…

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Maine coon mixed with something


Or just a Maine Coon not mixed with something. Those things are like the same size as their adult owners

To OP, my cats all found me. Cuz they were out in the street and starving.

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