What´s the minimum English score to apply for a scholarship?

What´s the minimun english score to apply for a scolarship???

TESOL or TOEIC? I assume you are applying for a college degree scholarship? In that case, it basically depends on each school. Check each website.

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Yes, I know the university’s English score, but I had a lower grade, are lacking 50 points, is the reason why I want to know other experiences about that, If I still have the opportunity to obtain the scholarship or it will be difficult in this case; by the way my test was the TOEIC and actually I´m apliying an MBA, you can see my english is not the best.

Could I suggest that you spend at least a year or two improving your English before undertaking English-medium graduate studies? There is a minimum score requirement for the scholarship for good reason. You are quite unlikely to successfully undertake an English-medium MBA without first having the requisite English language skills.

If you still in university, try to get the prediction/institutional score from ur university language department. This usually much cheaper, easier and could be obtained repeatedly.
If your less-than-expected test score is a internet based TOEFL, try do a paper based or computer based one. (if it still available in your country).
They are usually easier and likely giving you higher score.
Most Taiwanese universities are fine with institutional score. No need ETS/official one.
I have had actually some colleagues from SE Asia that can’t even speak English properly during our presentation class.So looks like you need to find school that want foreigners. (There are many of them)