What’s the most common programming languages and frameworks here?

I want to know what programming languages and frameworks are most popular here, especially for startups in taipei.

For languages, probably python and JS. I remember walking into Eslite to look for books on programming one time, and about 80%-90% of the books were about python.

As for frameworks, I can say that Vue.js is pretty popular for frontend development (generally a trend for Asia to prefer Vue over React).


Interesting about Vue vs React. I wonder why that is.

I imagine python is popular cause of AI, but I’m curious if python is popular for web development.

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Based on the websites I have seen in Taiwan, it’s mainly HTML4, with the occasional Flash and ActiveX thrown in.


I believe one of the reasons could be that Vue.js was developed and currently is headed by Evan You, a Chinese-Canadian, meaning it is well marketed in Chinese speaking regions (and also a point of pride), as I believe he had multiple talks in China, Singapore, as well as the official docs were available in Chinese from day 1. It made big prominent companies like Alibaba to adopt it as part of their main stack, and from there it has propagated to the rest of the Asian tech industry.

As for Python on the web, you could use some popular Python frameworks like Django and Flask to build the backend of a website or a web app.

Python, C++, Java…