What’s the saddest song for you

Singer-songwriter Doug MacLeod, who wrote the song “Nightbird,” was interviewed for the web site “Early Blues.” In the interview he was asked about other artists performing his music. Here’s his reply:
‘I have a couple of favourites. One was Eva Cassidy’s version of Nightbird. That song is about a prostitute, a prostitute that I used to live with who really watched out for me. I have no idea if Eva Cassidy knew what that song was about and I never heard it until my wife played it for me during a drive to Los Angeles from San Luis Opisbo. I’m a huge baseball fan and my team, the Cardinals from St Louis, were playing the Dodgers and I wanted to listen to the game. My wife said “I got something for you to hear”, and I said, “But the Cardinals are on” and she said “This is more important than the Cardinals” and she put this CD on of Eva Cassidy. I tell you, it moved me so much, I pulled over to the side of the road and I was weeping. I have never done that song again. When people ask me to do Nightbird, I tell them that if they want to hear THE version, she is the one to listen to. And then of course she died before I got a chance to meet her to ask her how she interpreted it like that.’


I never really liked her stuff. She might sing well, but I feel like she takes a good song, musks it with a sense of death and misery, and then sends it out the door.

Ruined the original Fields of Gold and Songbird for me.

My saddest song (but I think it’s just depression-fodder):-


Very sad sounding

I shared Nightbird mostly for the story related to the original songwriter. Pretty sad.

As for Eva Cassidy’s singing, I like when she shows her jazz singing ability, together with a healthy dose of blues. Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World I’ve heard countless times. Much, much more than adding sadness and sending it out the door!

This one is a spicy piece of misery, if you want your day ruined!

Desperado by the Eagles
Sometimes even strong love cannot keep two people together when their life’s road are diverging…


That’s always been a favourite of mine.

This is one very under rated song from the Eagles I like as much.

When have had my body parts removed and my cadavar is no longer required on the slab for medical students I want this tune played at my memorial, if there is one. Then I will have someone send a text message from my phone thanking all those who came.

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If you like that song you might also like the song from Gran Torino…this link has all of the lyrics including Eastwood’s part. When I listen to this song I imagine myself at the end of my life but am driving my old car when I was young…an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme T-top with the tops removed and the wind in my face heading into the sunset…

Battle of the songs lol

Still can’t play Matt Monroe’s On Days Like These

Because I think of a long lost love

Got three of 'em for ya.

Red River Valley by Marty Robbins

Last Kiss by Pearljam

You Are My Sunshine by Kina Granis

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Not a big Western fan but this movie is pretty iconic and this tune is fab.

This is pretty sad.

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Cover of a Black Sabbath tune by a soul singer (now deceased). Get some tissues ready.

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Nearly 30 years and song still brings up memories.
The slide guitar…

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I’ve dated far too many art history majors…

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