What shops in Taipei sell rock/metal clothing and merchandise?

I’ve been to Pub Metal shop and Psycho Nerds however I’m looking for more shops I could visit. Anyone know anywhere good?

There is a shop that used to sell band clothes but they stopped. However you can still find merchandise online. That shop was in ximen at the wannian building

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This seller offers a bunch of metal themed shirts, at a great price too.

The size is American, so XL is XL.

Do you mean second hand, it are you also looking for shops? I remember ximending had a few places with metal t-shirts. I haven’t seen Bathory there, though. I normally just order such stuff from Europe.

If you’re into reeeeeally old 2nd hand, I could offer M t-shirts from Slayer, Tiamat, Blind Guardian and Paddy goes to Holyhead. Regularly worn and machine-washed since before you were born ^^, color is faded medium grey (used to be black), and the seams are quite frayed…

Try Ruten.

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Thanks man. Do you know the names of the shops in Ximen, I have been to Psycho Nerds and Pub Metal shop but if there are any others please say.
Also, do you have any other shirts to offer? Thank you

I have tried but I find it really difficult to navigate. I’m looking more for people who are willing to sell personally or go to physical shops.

That shop no longer sells metal shirts as of last year (last time I checked).

This seller on Ruten has it

Shipping is free if you order above 2000.

I have a shirt from Dragonforce and nightwish (I think) that I am not wearing because it is too tight of a fit. It’s still fairly new. The size is L. If you want it I can cut you a deal…

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Unbelievable, even Rammstein shirts in Taiwan

I saw a dude with a (looked like) brand new Megadeth T-shirt in the Kaohsiung FE21 yesterday. Somebody local must be selling them.

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Pub Metal Shop in Ximen has the best selection I’ve seen. Loads of shirts from loads of bands. I just wish there were more shops like it.

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There’s this…