What should I put on my resume?

I don’t have any in-school experience, but I have taught a number of private students for several years back in the states, and I have a couple of letters of reference from their parents. Should I type those up and submit them with my resume, or just bring them to interviews?

Also, do I put down unrelated job experience just to show I’m hardworking, or what?

So far, my resume looks like this:

Education: Two Bachelor’s Degrees, English and Philosophy

Experience: Six years teaching students of a variety of ages and ethnicities in private lessons in the U.S.

And, that’s it? What else should I be putting in here so it’s not a 90% empty piece of paper?

Also, I have my original degree certificate, do I still need to get the copies certified?

Type it up like you would a resume for a U.S. employer. Include everything.

If you have the original diploma(s), you’re good to go.

Include all your past work experiences, whether it be teaching or not. Just type it up like you would if you were applying for any job back home. Highlight the teaching experiences, and list any other jobs you have done. Even if you were a cashier at McDonalds. Spin it somehow to make those skills apply to teaching. For example you had to deal with customers and make sure they were satisfied customers, much the same way you will have to deal with students and their parents to make sure they are satisfied with what you’re doing in the classroom. Just google and look at sample resumes and go from there.