What the hell kinda tree is this

… and what kind of fruit is in it?image

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You’ve never seen a papaya tree before ?___?


Some people don’t care about the trees

It’s not a tree.

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I probably have and it didn’t register. I’m not very perceptive. My wife can attest to this.


First they came for…no…first they didn’t care for papaya trees, and I didn’t say anything for I wasn’t a papaya tree…

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Are you a mango tree?

There’s no call for that kind of talk.

I thought it’d only be a slur if I called him a pomelo tree… since that seems to be the most hated fruit of all.

At least everyone considers it a tree. Some people even deny the very treehood of certain trees

“Some people” = @Brianjones :thinking:

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Next you be saying banana tree.
Don’t get me started :grin:.

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It’s not a tree, it’s just a very tall plant with a thick woody stem

As the actress said to the bishop…


If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck…

… then catch it and cook it!

(ensuring no grave goes undug since AL Gore invented the Internet!)

Wait. Whhaaaaaaaat??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If we are discussing trees, we have to make sure to bring @fredsmith to the conversation!

No Rick…Let sleeping dogs lie!

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