What time does Sizzler/Ponderosa open in the morning?

Hi. what time does Sizzler open in the morning? Please don’t tell me noon. I have a huge paperwork project to finsih tomorrow and I would like to snack on a buffet for about six hours while I do.

Sorry about not posting this in the restaurant forum, mods, I want an answer when I wake up. Me. Buffet. Big table, paperwarl, a.s.a.p. Calories be damned.

Thanks. Sometimes you just need to eat ten days worth of meals in one sitting and noon isn’t soon enough.

Thanks again,

Trebuchet the human buffet desztroyer :America:

EDIT: do the different locations have different hours? What’s that place by Daan park? Websites are proving worthless.

It’s on the front page of their website, at least for Sizzler:

◎ 週一至週五(非例假日) 11:30~21:30
◎ 週六、週日(例假日) 11:00~21:30

Ponderosa doesn’t list times, but you can give them a call:

ponderosa.com.tw/html/b002.h … Pos=-180.2

Gosh, I must really be bored… :blush: