What to do Living in Hualien

I’ve been in Hualien teaching English for three months now. I know there is not a lot to do here, but where can I go to meet other people? Can anyone recommend good restaurants?

What kind of things are you looking for here? Hualien is a quiet little place for the most part but there is quite a bit to do if you explore your options here. Try checking out Enigma if your into the bar scene. Several “foreigners” play there most evenings and you would at least get to meet a few people. There is also the Clubhouse where you might meet some folk, maybe eat a bit of light mexican food or grab a burger. Do you like the coffee scene? Surf? I can give you a few contacts there. The summer gatherings will be starting up soon and there are always the beaches, BBq’s as well as ping pong Sundays. There is some pretty good camping if you are so inclined. Some of us like to cook as well so that’s also an option. PM me and I’ll be glad to try to link you up to others with your interests. By the way, where do you teach?

the beach!!! go to the beach…
or go whale watching.
or blow up fireworks every night :sunglasses:

Where is Enigma? Do they allow smoking there? What are the hours? Are kids welcome there? Thanks!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I just arrived in Hualien six days ago; staying in the dorms at Tzu-Chi University. I’m here for a month on an exchange, working at the hospital during the day… then traveling the rest of the island for another month. I’m feeling a little isolated, mainly because of lack of transportation and lack of communication.

Here’s my email: mtstalder@hotmail.com if you want to meet up for drinks or whatever.

Try this webpage for a list of places to go in Hualien:


My favorite restaurants in Hualien city are The Clubhouse (best Western food in town), Guiliano (pretty good spaghetti) and Open Sesame (nice Japanese dishes and curry). Send me a private message if you want to meet up.

Swimming … go swimming … or got ot Taroko a lot and enjoy the wonder.