What to do when you really feel like taking a bath but all you got at home is a shower


Tucheng near Banqiao?

Families use love motels too. Take the kids, let them play in the tub, make a fun play day of it.


You can get those made of wood, too. One of those woodworking tourist villages…Yingge, maybe???


Yeah there are big KTV rooms in there , need to pay a bit extra , about 1200 for 3 hours. Huge room, big KTV area, another big room with sauna, jacuzzi, steam room etc. Some even have an area for pole dancing. A very good deal, students use them amd families too yes. Considering a KTV is generally more expensive it’s a good deal. The one I sometimes visit it very clean.[thank me later](萊閣時尚會館 No. 16, Chengtian Road, Tucheng District, New Taipei City, 236 02 2268 6666 https://maps.app.goo.gl/qXwFX)
p.s. The cops occasionally go there to check.IDs


I dunno, I don’t think I’d do that. I’m not sure how I’d explain what the funny-shaped chair is for.


It can be a really cheap option compared to hotels for a big family. But yeah, you need to be quick on your toes about explanations


That motel you can choose one without that seat…Have to tell the receptionist. But yeah if you are in a car with kids listening to the conversation that might be awkward too lol


Plenty of places that have rooms without chairs or toys or anything to explain to kids.


There is a reasonably priced one on Linsen North road without any sex related stuff, but the decoration is fake leopard skin bed covers etc lol


That’s Wego Hotel. Been there few times, not every room has a chairs or machines. But most or all rooms have a personal vending machine with toys and lingerie inside. Big hot tubs in middle of room. All kinds of button beside bed to change lighting and music and porn on TV. They are trying to change and become more family friendly/not so much a love motel. Some rooms more opulent and nicer than the Hyatt.

Wego Motel Taipei, No. 419號, Linsen North Road


Funny story, I was looking for office chairs, reclining chairs, on Yahoo, when that one pops up. What a weird looking thing, I thought. Is it a modern design, seems comfy…I open the description it has illustrative pictures on its use…in Yahoo…


Link or hoax :slight_smile:


I wish I could feel more surprised that this thread has transformed into a discussion about sex chairs.




Yep. We do stray off topic.


Did not keep the link but same search words may provide desired effect. I may have kept couple of screenshots as Yahoo was acting weird those days. Maybe another thread? Or should I put them here? Mods?


Wood stuff.


Inflatable tubs



Love the idea of this little steam oven that I can sit in like a dumpling.


They sell the bamboo wood ones in Zhongshan road and Chang An intersection.


Oh this just popped up in my feed:


For these to take off I think you really need to be able to walk down the street in one, fully mobile.