What to do with a stray kitten

I am an expat visiting relatives in Taiwan and will be going back to Australia soon. Over the last two days, I heard a stray kitten meowing for her mum but to no avail. After a particular large rainfall, she ran out from the car she was hiding under. I felt sorry for her so I took her in to feed her and keep her dry. I proceeded to call the animal shelter to ask whether I can drop it off there. To my surprise, they told me they are at full capacity and not to call them… I will be leaving Taiwan soon so I can’t take care of the kitten for long. What other options do I have? I really don’t want to have to throw her away again.

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Sorry, I already have my hands full with a kitten who wouldn’t stop biting my legs… not sure if taking another kitten is even wise.

That cat looks like it’s still too young to be separated from mom, but old enough that he doesn’t need to be fed every 3 hours.

If you are in the Taipei area, then you could call
02-87913064 for Taipei city
02-29596353 for New Taipei city

If not, call 0800-231-532 and they will get you to a facility in your area.

If that’s the place you’ve contacted and have turned you down, then try these organizations:

Taipei Stray Cats Protection Association

Stray Cats TNR Association

Although she might be too old for this organization, you could still ask
Kitten Save


Thank you for taking this cute fellow out of the rain and the dangerous streets.

What is your location? As @hansioux pointed out, there are several organizations that deal with this kind of issues, but that also depends on where you are.

If you can take him/her to a checkup by a vet, it will be fantastic. Vets often help rehoming pets. Just to make sure that there is no immediate danger to his beautiful condition.

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Thanks all for the reply. I live in Chiayi so most of the sites @hansioux kindly provided me won’t help me much. However, I have found a Facebook page for adopting strays in Chiayi. I will give that a try first.

I may be able to provide a home if you’re in need. Promised the kids we’d get a pet after the move. Unfortunately I’m in temporary housing until mid Sept.

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Your relatives haven’t taken to it?

just be aware that kittens may end up attacking your limbs because that’s how they say “I love you”. Make sure the kids know the kitten means no harm…

Update: After joining a Facebook page for adopting strays in Chiayi, I have found a loving home for this little kitten. Thanks all for your help and suggestions.