What to include in a resume for a NON teaching job?

What specific things should be mentioned on a resume that probably aren’t seen on resumes in the US, but are normal in Taiwan?

This isn’t for a teaching job, mostly professional customer service jobs. My mom wants to move back to Taiwan to be closer to my dad, she has an extensive sales and customer service based background in the US (albeit at “chinese” companies thus making her bilingual as well) and I’m helping her work on a resume. Any tips for this situation?

I know the picture thing is primarily for teaching jobs, but from research, other industries might want it.
Marital status is questioned upon interview, but would noting it on the resume be…awkward?
Typical profile information? Age, gender, birthday, astrological sign (ha ha), etc.?

Yes, we are aware that any chances of her age getting a job in Taiwan right now, are very slim but won’t hurt to try! Oh, and BTW, she was born and raised in Taiwan, then moved to the US post college with my dad and had 2 great kids hahaaha

Thanks in advance!

I would just prepare a US-style resume and add a photo, then just hit up 1111 104 and my wife just found another new one, can’t remember the name mind - otherwise can she not open a business here? Or better yet, look to a market representative position for a US company/product line?

most recently most boss was very impressed by an american candidate who sent a speculative application. She listed all the famous companies she had worked for as a curriculum vitae and my boss was creaming over her and wanted me to interview her quick smart and the department manager to “find her a role”. In this case she actually had a very bad work record so the boss had to be reminded that he originally didn’t like her…

So I guess it’s best to big up the american-ness and big business names - taiwanese SME’s want to feel like they’re one of the big boys, but not mention the salary she used to earn since this will scare them off

How about a cover letter. Perhaps a “community outreach” section. A profile, should descirbe her in a professional sense. Forget about age, birthday and sign, and I assume you wouldn’t need to specify gender if the CV includes a pic.