What TV are you watching (2021)?


Well, completed the first season of Enterprise. Enjoyed it a lot. Especially last two episodes with plenty of hairy chests, legs and arms on scene. :heart_eyes:

I’m still watching the same great 49 inch LG oled I was watching last year! And hopefully next year

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Argh. Choose a slightly awkward phrasing for a thread title, and still get mocked for it a year later.

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Still watching Brooklyn 9-9 when I can. Keeps getting better and better.


Watched episode 1 of the Midnight Gospel. I don’t even know what happened. An alien podcaster visits different earths and interviews people on deep topics with all kinds of crazy cartoon story action in background.

So I’m going after episode 2 to see if I’m even partially on track.

It’s fairly bonkers. It helps if you know that it’s basically a podcast that has been animated and revoiced after the fact. Try and get hold of some mescaline as it’ll help digest it. :mushroom:


Hooked within 10 minutes, much more interesting than appears, good acting, good script, first episode starts with a hard core look at a hard core life.

Finally figured out Midnight Gospel (maybe).

Real interviews, set to bizarre unrelated animation.

I liked the first one a lot but the next one got too new age for me. I have to check out some more episodes.

I was listeing to @tempogain’s link the other day and the folks mentioned NF show called Shot in the Dark about LA news stringers, the guys who zip around the city getting crash and burn footage. It. Was. Awesome.

I was crushed when season one ended and the show did as well. It was like Wicked Tuna on land.

Cool, on Netflix. Will check it out

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Gomorrah Season 3 Debuts on HBO Max | IndieWire

Watch it in the original Italian with the subtitles. Genius show about Naples mafia based on Roberto Saviano’s book

Japan Railway Journal

I don’t know what is going on but when this show pops up I’m like mesmerized. I think they have some subliminal persuasion going on.

I’m not especially into trains or Japan or anything even though I love Japan.

30-minute show a couple times a day on NHK world.

Here’s one for an example but I don’t know if it’s a good example.

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Queens Gambit still one of my favorite recent shows.

New season of Bosch just dropped on Prime. I love this show. Hieronymous (Harry) Bosch is a detective working some pretty grim murders in LA. Closely based on Michael Connelly novels.

And Hieronymous Bosch was my nickname for many years, so it feels close to home.