What TV shows are you watching (2021)?


Has someone made this thread already?

I’m watching episode 4 of The Stand. So far, it reminds me a lot of the last version but is a bit better. Good actors, but kinda miscast. Reasonably true to the story, better than the last so far but it helps to be longer. Larry Underwood is recast as black, and in this case it actually works better. They cut back and forth in time differently from the book, I don’t think I like it but maybe for a TV audience it makes more sense than written pacing. Like most Stephen King it is best to read before you watch, but if you’re a fan it is totally watchable.


Watched ‘Queen’s Gambit’ a week ago, which was fantastic (9/10). Great acting, style, score, characters… worst thing I could say is there were a couple tropes/ cliches early on and at the very end, but overall it was great.

Currently watching ‘Cobra Kai’ season 3. This series is more of a guilty pleasure than anything. It’s not high art like QG, but it’s fun. 8/10 or so.

Also watching a lot of CNN, because shit is crazy right now.


I want to get the Battlestar Galactica set in Blu-ray.

My favorite show of all time.



Lupin on Netflix is fun. Not a big fan of voiceovers but it’s a fun show.

Cobra Kai is a easy show to watch

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Song Exploder (Netflix), only 8 episodes so far. I think it works better as a podcast - the visuals when they play the final cut are a bit distracting.

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Lupin gets good reviews but some complain it strays from original or something.

Been rewatching Rick and Morty. Still holds up, can’t wait for the next season.


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“…on Asia’s hippie trail.” Haha

Missing Thailand, no travel :slight_smile: (

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Binge watching P-Valley.

Don’t let the storyline throw you. It’s a great story, script, illustration, direction, cinematography… so much deeper and intriguing than could imagine.

Just great.

I’m planning to repeat binge the whole season after finishing it a first time.

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Try to enjoy Taiwan, where lost hippies pass or stay.

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WandaVision. Some kind of Marvel Disney vomit mix. Hated first episode. The laugh track is irritating. Maybe it gets better.


WandaVision is more than it seems in the Marvel Universe.


Community. Very funny.


My ex said I’d love it and I watched the first episode but didn’t like it. So she said fine and kept watching it anyways… Somewhere in Season 1 I got hooked. If you like movies, or Rick and Morty, or all sorts of stuff, this is a fun, funny, and clever show. So much talent in the cast. 5 stars. 6 seasons and a movie

A different kind of illusion and storytelling.