What white collar jobs are most suitable for ABCs in Taiwan?

  • working for int’l sales at 外商?
  • technology at subsidiaries of Western companies?

Also I’ve heard that even at these companies, lots of Mandarin Chinese is still required in everyday work?


You would need a work visa as well, so unless you got some special skill I cannot see why companies wouldn’t opt for a taiwanese guy instead.

they may expect ABCs understand both cultures.

Would think a job you are actually qualified for would be most suitable.

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Yeah, sure. But, there are a lot of taiwanese americans and/or taiwanese who lived exteneded periods of time the in west to whom you dont need to apply a work visa…

Yes, but I don’t think of other nature that is peculiar to ABCs.

Why not study Chinese first? You’ll be glad you did.

I have taiwanese citizenship and did my service in 2017 - 2018 in Kinmen.