What work could I get from TEFL 150 hour course certificate

Would it be possible for me to Teach English in Taiwan having only a UK TEFL 150 Hour course pass certificate.
I have no BA degree.
I’m hoping to in future, live, learn and teach in Taiwan.
I have not done the course as yet,just probing.
I may also add I’m over 50 years of age.

No, unless you are married to a Taiwanese citizen or have some other open work rights.

i know plenty of people who’ve got jobs with fake degrees. not condoning it, just saying.
to be honest though, in the current climate i get the impression there are a lot of well qualified, young english teachers descending, or at least trying to descend upon taiwan.
not to mention taiwan based visa runners who are now forced to find legitimate jobs.
probably a decent amount of people leaving too so maybe that balances it out.
i think you might find it hard to get work but i wouldn’t say impossible. hope that helps

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If you have a 2 year degree (In the US it’s called an Associates degree) and a TEFL then you can teach as well. If you’re close to getting your BA, then just get it ASAP.

Over 50 might be problematic for some schools but others not. I’m 52 but have been here for 10 years. My school once hired a guy who was in his 60s.

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OP, here’s the regulation:

Article 42 states that the requirements are 1) being 20 years older or above, 2) a college graduate, and (3) you hold a passport from a country where the official language is the one you will teach.

“College graduate” includes an associate’s/two-year degree (not sure what that’s called in the UK). If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree then an associate’s degree is acceptable if you’ve taken a legitimate TEFL course (see below):

The foreigners mentioned in the preceding Paragraph shall have qualification certificates for language teaching (i.e. TEFL) if they have not obtained bachelor‘s degrees (i.e. associate’s degree).

EDIT: The legal database was working fine when I started this post. Now suddenly it comes up with an error :anguished:

legal database error

is there a list of these “legitimate” TEFL cerftificates somewhere?

I wrote “legitimate” but probably should have written “accredited.” I don’t know if Taiwan has a list they refer to, but I made sure my program was accredited, just in case. I wanted training that included a teaching practicum with real-life students. It helped me a lot when I arrived in Taiwan.

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