What would Patton say about the present War?

What Would Patton Say About the Present War?
by Victor Davis Hanson, October 23, 2004

(excert from article)
“Patton, who was both learned and yet not smug about the power of the primordial emotions,
understood perfectly the irrational nature of warfare, and the effect that utter defeat or
glorious victory have upon an otherwise rational people. No wonder he hated war defined as
a purely bureaucratic enterprise or a purely material and industrial challenge, inasmuch as
neither can change the hearts of men that need to be changed, usually increase the body count,
and rarely lead to lasting peace. We should remember wild-eyed George Patton in our Fallujahs to come.”

A rather topical lecture using the views of Gen. George Patton given recently by Victor David Hanson.
Its focus is about what he believes would be the actions/reactions of US General George Patton to todays
Iraqui situation. Quite interesting to see this analyized thru Pattons eyes.

Thanks for posting that article (and all the other articles you post).

Patton was a giant - one of a host of incredible figures from the most epic war the world has ever seen. I’m not sure about the presumptions of what Patton would have or wouldn’t have done in Iraq, but the article is a reminder that I should read a biography about General Patton. I said that after I saw the Patton movie on TV but I’ve yet to get around to it.

Patton would cry to see American tax payers’ money being used to promote the financial interests of America’s latest monarchy.

Perhaps, but you have to take the current reasons and politics for the war out of the equation to really appreciate the article.

Thanks Tainan Cowboy.

He would say:“What the #%@#&*%^@# is going on here”. He would then slap Bush in the face with his glove for malingering and shoot Kerry for being a traitor. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

:notworthy: I think the Bush camp should use the

Good one!..and maybe not far from right!