What Would You Do? (Cast Away)

I just finished watching the movie “Cast Away” tonight with my wife. (Okay yeah I’m gonna get flamed for that one…)

For those of you who have seen the movie hopefully you have seen the ending, and maybe you are wondering also…

So some thoughts ran through my mind, what would I do if I were in his shoes? I cannot think of a reasonable answer… Maybe do the same as the movie… I don’t know.

So what would you do?

Ladies if you were in her shoes what would you do?
Gentlemen if you were in his shoes what would you do?

I would have told the people filming me that the only reason to have a character wash up on a deserted island (unless it is inhabited with a fat dude, rich dude, smart dude and movie star) is so the audience can have the payoff moment when he is rescued and see how he adjusts to re-entering society. I would tell them to make sure they didn’t do something stupid like cut that moment out and skip to me flying somewhere all clean and shaven.

Seriously? I guess I would have invented a new form of serial novel designed to be written and read at the same time. Each chapter would be written in the sand around the island at low tide. The trick is to end each chapter at the exact point it started on a cliff-hanger moment. All of this must be completed before high tide (race the clock! And no fair increasing the font size as the tide gets closer, Mr. slow stick writer.) I also would have delivered the fedex package I took back to the person it was sent to rather than the person who sent it. Actually, I probably would have just chucked it in a mail box or trash can. I’m pretty irresponsible about that kind of post-shipwreck duty crap.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: hahhahahahahahahahahahahaa!!!

Well, I was watching the movie and I got to the part where … ok, I won’t spoil it, I’ll just leave a few hints and you’ll know where I got to… cab, house, wife, half n’ half, football team… Got it?

Yeah, and then my son starts crying and when I got back to the movie it was…OVER. :imp:

Someone PLEASE PM me with details about what happened next - I don’t want to have to watch the whole thing again.

Watch it rather, as the final scene ties the whole theme together.

i would celebrate my return to civilization with a some binge whoring followed by a bit of binge drinking, eating etc.

as the girl: Gone for one last torrid fling, then back to life as I know it…now if I was a girl stuck on the island I would have found a way off the island a lot sooner…;_)

If I was the guy…coming back to helen hunt… I think Mr. He’s plan of binge whoring drinking and eating sound pretty good, and then a roll in the hay with Helen for old time sake.

I think you all got it wrong. I think JeffG is asking what you would do if you were him in the FINAL scene of the movie standing at the crossroads. Would you go back to your pedestrian, empty life or would you follow the redhead back to the house and start a new life with her? Remember her inviting smile just before she drove up the driveway?

Now, as we all know, I missed the end of the movie, but the part about the red head - well, I think I’d take the redhead and forget about the road less travelled.:wink:

On another note, he says giving reason for a double post besides the boost in karma it gives him, no one has filled me in on the bits that I missed yet.


I don’t know. I’ll thing up a few polls in order to get additional karma - and stoick with the binge whatever you can’t get staying alone for 5 years on a desert island thing for now. That said, getting in the hay with Helen Hunt sounds ok.

The redhead was put in there to distract you from the fact that we’re all living inside a computer program, while our bodies are kept in womb-like incubators.


Well, not really… You can comment on that crossroad thing if you want, it’s also interesting… But actually I was refering to how would you handle the whole marriage thing… Would you, for example only, tell her new husband to hit the road or would you do what he did and drive off to find a new life? What would the law saw about this situation? She can’t have two husbands… legally that is…

Well, Mr. G, sorry I read you wrong. Now instead of dwelling on the cumbersome bigamy issue, what say we end this discussion and move to the thread I started: vote for your favorite movie of 2002.

[quote=“Boss Hogg”]
Now, as we all know, I missed the end of the movie, but the part about the red head - well, I think I’d take the redhead and forget about the road less travelled.[/quote]

Maybe he scooped up the redhead and went back to the island again with his new Wilson.

Toss up. There were some good movies last year, and several of the best ones haven’t made it here yet: “Chicago”, “Adaptation”, “Gangs of New York”, “Catch me if you can”, “the Pianist”, “8 Mile”…

But of the ones I’ve seen:
Two Towers
About a Boy
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

and I heard the one with Tom Cruise was the deal.
“Minority Report”

Even he decides to go back to her and tell her husband to bugger off, who says she wants him back - having kids with another guy and all that? So I would probably go for the Redhead, wasn’t too bad looking if I recall correctly … in fact never liked Helen Hunt.
In any case, I guess it would be a good opportunity to start all over again.

But you know I got the feeling the kid was his not the new husbands, though they never tell us, but I just get that feeling… haha