What would you do? (students at different levels in the same class)

Long story short, my boss wants to cram students into a classroom that is not a fit to their current level of English. Their English level is too high for that particular classroom. The kids should be at least a level or two up. The boss’ excuse is that other higher-level classes are already full and don’t have space.

It seems to me the boss is more preoccupied to just do whatever just to secure that very sweet income increase instead of doing the right thing and putting them in a class that corresponds their level.

This being said, should I bring this to the boss’ attention? Or should I just keep quite and mind my own business?

Thank you for your input.

It may be wrong, but you getting.involved will absolutely get you into trouble, if not fired. If you can accept that risk (reality), then go ahead and politely raise concern. But taiwanese arent known for their abilities in being humble and accepting constructive critticism.

Another way would be to befriend the boss outside of work, have some meals, meet the family etc. Over some months, maybe years, when you guys are buddies, he could probably handle chatting about “ways to improve profits” :wink: :wink:

On the other hand teaching positions are hurting for teachers since new teachers cannot enter the country. If you lose this job there’s a good chance you can find another. You’ve got a lot more power in the market and can use it your advantage.

Ask for a raise instead.

Yes boss.

Great Idea boss.


Usually it’s the other way around, I’d count my blessings and try to make them drive the level of the class a bit. Usually parents won’t go for this kind of thing, but if they are for whatever reason and the kids are happy, it seems like there could be a lot worse problems.


No, just teach the class. Let the parents complain that they aren’t getting their money’s worth of education. Let your boss learn to be less greedy the hard way.

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You are going to get an ear full no matter.

The boss only cares about the income.

Your opinion is not welcome.

You are an option.

Still, borders closed, only misfits available to teach, fuxk that beatch.

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I’d keep quiet. Very quiet.

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they only care about profit, not sure what you could get out of it by bringing it up. Some bosses will actually listen to their employees, but 95% of Taiwanese bosses feel as if they are deities.


You can’t even bring up their own mistakes. They are the Pope, they make no mistakes. If the boss made a mistake you have to apologize, and be thankful that you have a job.


I would mention it once, politely. If the boss responds, great, if not you either lump it or look for other work.

Why complain? The kids are more advanced? Great. Teach them a mini lesson and put them to work, then address the main lesson to the larger lower group. God forbid a teacher scaffold a bloody English lesson in a buxiban. :roll_eyes:


Taiwan culture training.


  1. Don’t be the hero
  2. Don’t confront someone directly, use a proxy
  3. See rule 1 and 2
  4. Your boss believes they are smarter, tougher, better than you.
  5. See rules 1, 2 and 4

In this situation the best way forward is to play dumb. Don’t work harder, don’t come up with ideas. Just play dumb.

If you want to work in Taiwan the best thing to do is don’t work so hard. If you work hard you will get less support, help, assistance.

If you look like you are struggling you will get all the help in the world.

The hero dies under their workload. The lazy prosper through others hard work.

If it’s really something you want to win. Try talking to the admin staff see what they feel. If you really want to ask them to help you talk to the boss. But remember rules 1 through 5.

For the little pay they earn, no way. Do the bare minimum and get out and enjoy Taiwan.

The foreigners are treated like scum by the bosses. Fuck doing anything extra or putting in any effort.

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I hope this is sarcasm…

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Have the advanced kids teach the struggling ones. That’s what I do. We have everything from native speakers to “can’t identify English letters from zhuyin” in my class. You have to teach them how to teach, but in the end, they all learn more


Yea, this is the reason why more and more youngsters in Asia is lying flat. Who cares about putting in your effort when you will just get shit pay anyways.


Ah youth. :grimacing:

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Interesting how most of the answers give zero fucks about the kids. I just jnoticed this and regret my answer was the same…god damn we have become a sellfish bunch of you know whats.

I agree with @jdsmith put some effort in and structure the class. We should be teaching for the betterment of the children, the paycheck is second. I am fairly embarrased by my previous answer now :frowning:

Make the bosses pay, not the kids.

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