What's a cheap and easy way to start printing receipts instead of writing them by hand?

What’s a cheap and easy way to start printing receipts instead of writing them by hand, in a physical shop?
Can anyone recommend a service or explain how it works?

Official receipts?

You need to have a receipt printer that’s registered with the tax office, and your cash register needs to have an algorithm that prints to that printer. Every two months you need to change the starting number end ending number of your receipts entered in the system, and daily notes in writing on forms you get.

If you have the handwritten receipt you can try coding some software that or input some setting in Word or Excel that allow you to print your receipts in a dot matrix printer, than stamp with your company stamp.

If it’s just any receipt, use Excel (macro) and just print it on paper with your letter head.

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If you can print those E receipts then you won’t have to bother changing the numbers and all that, it’s done automatically. But either way you would need the official receipt printer and the right programs.

Edit: I’m going to add it will neither be cheap nor easy. Basically you are printing official receipts because your business has enough revenue to require it. As such your business is a LLC type business, has accountants to manage finances, etc. If you have an accountant he can help you figure out easier ways to print official receipts.

If you don’t need official receipts, then just print it with Excel.

Those E-receipts connect you in real time with the tax office.

Thank you everyone for your replies.
I need to issue official receipts, like the ones they give in 7-11.
I have a shop in Taipei, I don’t speak Chinese and I don’t have staff.
Do you know what’s a decent, affordable company that can communicate in English and can setup everything for me?

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I think @Marco has a business card with an english speaking lawyer/accountant.

Do you not have an accountant? If you issue official receipts you surely have them. Ask them about the system. I know big companies like Google/Facebook/etc. issues email receipts.

Pointsoft. Bi-lingual POS cash register system. As said you can contact an accountant that will arrange purchase of your receipts (yes, you need to buy them) if they’r the old paper type. And do all the work for you at the end of the two month receipt period. But you need to keep a small daily ‘account’ keeping on paper. E-receipts were not recommended as you’re real time connected to the tax office server.
We work with them for 5 years now, initial setup needs some work but after that it’s smooth sailing.