What's a 'qiuqiu'?

Does anyone know what a “qiuqiu” is?

The context is a conversation in which someone says she doesn’t want to use a dageda to keep in touch because they’re expensive. So then she asks the guy for his “qiuqiu” number.

A kind of train? :wink:
Maybe a pager. Do they still even have pagers? Even your old friend Sofia-the-font-of-all-knowledge has no idea. That means there’s no such thing.
What do the characters look like?
Maybe it’s a new slang term for Skype or something?

Nine, nine?!? Ball, ball (play)?!? Go, go?!?

Must … not … make … use … of … special … emoticons…

That’s part of the problem. I don’t know for sure. The ones that are given are those for “ball,” but the context is an article that intentionally uses incorrect characters. Maybe the sounds are a little off, too. See “I very want your deceitful surface.” :smiley:

Could be.

QQ number?
like ICQ number? or this? qq.yam.com/ :unamused:
I think I’m a bit old for this but this QQ thing it quite popular for the kids around my little brother’s age

Seconding the above. QQ is like the Chinese ICQ. Depending on context, a more up-to-date version might be MSN name or (mostly if American) AIM name.

Thirding it. Most likely the QQ number.

Unless she was begging for his home number… qiu2 qiu2 ni3! 求 求 你 !

Thanks, everyone. QQ must be it.

Interesting that QQ would be expanded upon, while in the same dialog “meimei” is reduced to “MM” and “gege” to “GG” – unless, of course, the guy is being referred to as “jiji” :wink: .