What's fun (for young boys) in Taichung?

Hi. My wife and I are moving to Taichung in January. We’ve decided to bring our two boys, 4 and 7, with us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We’ll be living/working in the 西屯 and 南屯 areas.

My wife is from Taichung and we have family and roots there. But I suppose I’m asking here for recommendations on living life as an “international” family in the city.

Here are some specific things I’m interested in learning more about:

  1. Kids’ sports leagues (esp. football/soccer)

  2. Science-themed 補習班 or kids’ clubs

  3. Kid-friendly restaurants

  4. Hiking trails that aren’t too grueling for a 4 year-old

  5. Anything near the water (beaches, ports, parks) worth checking out

  6. Other opportunities/activities/places for kids to make friends? What am I missing?

If I’m honest, I guess I’m also looking to make a few friends myself. Got kids? Like to drink? (the latter follows the former, dunnit?) Drop me a line. I brew a passable IPA and a sultry Belgian Blonde, though those won’t be coming on line before March or April. :cry:

So lemme add…

  1. Good pubs

I’ve only been Taichung to visit, but my son has some favorite places

  • the dinosaur museum
  • the open space around the National Theater (is that neighborhood called District 9? Or District 7?)
  • the Outlet mall with the Mala Bay Water Park and Lihpao Land amusement park (with the 90° drop rollercoaster)

Most recently over the summer we went up to Qingjing sheep farm in the mountains - that’s nice for kids (tires’em out)

And, of course, at this time of year is the Leonid meteor shower. I remember once going to the college campus where there is less light pollution and a whole crowd of us lying on the parking lot to watch the sky (I didn’t see anything but I was on a date so I didn’t mind)

Thanks very much Goose. We’ll check them out!

Dakeng has trails of varying difficulty, I’m pretty sure some are family friendly.

The outlet mall has a building full of snow / sledge runs