What's going on in Shilin?

I didn’t know it was unvitalized.

That nightmarket area has been in a pretty significant lull during the pandemic. Smaller crowds and quite a few closed shops.


I didn’t see anything going on there that I’d classify as “arts”.

It existed, but was nearly impossible to get to through the crowds. Clearly more people there just to be there than to see the art.

There were three areas— the nightmarket area, the PAC, and the park on the east side of Zhongshan, but massive crowds all in between, too.

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I have to get out more.

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I’ve actually found myself going there more often during the pandemic. It’s a much nicer place to be with smaller crowds


Not much pulling me there except a pepper pork bun!

I work in the area so I go pretty frequently

I should go to Shilin. The ball on the building looks fun.

It’s on the red line. No hassle jumping off on my way back from work.

You’ve got Raohe for that too right at the front. Get in and get out.

Meh. Not a big fan