What's Going On With the New York New York Building?

I pass by a lot on the way to the Vieshow/Neo19 area, and last week saw a “Bye Bye Sale”. This weekend walked by again and saw a gutted interior, bulldozers and what generally looked they are preparing to implode it.

What are they going to do with that space?

If they are going to implode it, when? The last implosion I saw was the Kingdome in Seattle, and it’s cheap mindless fun watching buildings get blowned up.

I heard that they changed ownership and were going to change their business model somewhat, perhaps booting some of the tenants with lower revenue streams – but I don’t know how accurate that info is.

Yeah thats what the missus told me, so there must be something in it

I have never seen anyone implode any buildings in Taiwan… most buildings that I see demolished were accomplished with bulldozers and hydraulic hammers.

Are there any engineers in Taiwan who knows how to implode a building?

If you want something to implode get a guy that set out to explode it to do it for ya. And vice-versa if you want a big explosion. That’s probably the best way in Taiwan.