What's it like to teach in a private school in Taiwan?

Hi! I am being offered a job in a bilingual private school. My first job here is in a cram school and it isn’t a walk in the park tbh. Any scoop on what I should and should not expect working in a private school? (Parents, students, admin)

If you are an inexperienced teacher you will certainly struggle mightily. Why would they offer you a job if you were not qualified?

I have 6 years of teaching experience in a private school back in my country. It’s just that I was surprised with how cram schools are run here and now I’m trying to get ideas so I know what to expect in private schools here in Taiwan.

Oh, then that makes sense. Buxibans are much less formal with their lessons than a real school. If you have experience lesson planning and working within a curriculum you should be fine. The standards in Taiwan are a bit lower than other places :sweat_smile: