What's ko samet, thailand, like?

We are spending ten days in Thailand end of July, early August. We would like to spend a few days in Bangkok and then head for one of the islands. Any recommendations? We have been looking at Ko Samet as it is closer to Bangkok than the southern islands. What is the weather like at this time of year? We would like to avoid the really touristy places, or is that impossible?

You should stay on an island called Ko Lanta it it close the the town of trang. I am not sure but when we were there in September there were very very few tourists and i would assume it to be the same around that time. If you do go there stay at Lanta paradise the staff is great and it is quite resonable. In the off season which is what you traveling in the bungalow right on the sand with 2 double beds is 150 Baht (like 6 CAD), motor bikes for 24 hours 200 baht. The beach is nice and the bungalows are not run down at all. I know what your thinking for that cheap it must be trashy but it is really amazing. You can take the over night train from bangkok to Trang (16 hours ) for about 50 CAD and that might even include the ferry ride to the island (about 200 baht) if you book the accom. from trang then you can either get dropped of right at the resort or they will pick you up from the ferry. (Im not sure what price the room will be from trang weigh your options. We stayed at Sayang Beach which was more pricey and not as much fun and then switched to Lanta Paradice after going to see it.

Good Luck and have fun!


I was on Koh Samet a few years back. At the time I was backpacking and didn’t enjoy it as it’s quite expensive and given over to higher quality hotels. Still, I’d probably go for that these days! :sunglasses: The island itself is pretty but small. It will probably be quiet now anyway as it’s rainy season. I came back from Phuket last month, and it was very quiet.

Further south-east is Ko Chang which is considerably bigger and less touristed. Well worth a visit, time permitting.

Has anyone been to Hua Hin? We’re going to Thailand for a visa run, and we only have a week. I wanted to go to Samui, but to fly there it too expensive, and the train takes too long. Some people on a Thailand forum recommended Hua Hin. Any ideas?

Karen :slight_smile:

Not been to Koh Samet, or know anything about it. Neither have I been to Hua Hin.

I have been to Koh Lanta Yai though and thoroughly enjoyed myself. One drawback is all the dead coral. Actually the other is the dirt road that extends down the middle of the island. Now I thjink of it . . . I guess it was the people.

My pick would be Koh Tao. Went there for Chinese new year. Brilliant place, great swimming good coral. Its pitched as a diver’s island but that’s not really the case. Great place to snorkel and just hang out.

For that matter Koh Phangan is alright too. The full moon party was on when I was there but I was nestled to the north of the island at a place called Had Yao - stunning beach - and mercifully didn’t notice a thing.


I have been to Samui several times, but for the life of me I can’t remember how you get the air ticket from Bangkok to Samui. Just walk up to the desk and hope they have a seat? Anyone recall?

I have been to Koh Samet as its not too far from Bangkok. There is a nice little boat ride out there, but thats about it really. The island is quite small, and most places are quite samey. Its got some good tracks if you like scrambling bikes, but you may cut your legs to ribbons!

I would recommend Koh Chang if you dont want to travel too far from Bangkok. Its a bigger island than Samet, and isnt too far too get to. You can go by bus from the north terminal in Bangkok (Get a cab, its a shit walk) then you take a boat when you arrive in the town. The Thai people go there for new years, so it cant be that bad. There are lots of things to do there, but also some nice secluded beaches. I recommend the Jah Bar for all your smoking needs. Its in the lonely planet, check it out!

You can. You can book it through Thai or other airlines, or on the internet too-- www.bangkokair.com

I was there at new years—nice if you want beach and relaxation, not much in the way of nightlife. lot of older folk and families around.

Ko Samet is quieter the further south you go and accommodations are not that expensive. It’s a good place to relax for a week. The northern part of the island has too many tourists, watercraft noise and club music. The eastern side has the fewest people and cheap, but rugged accommodation.

Anyone have any updates on Koh Samet? Heading to Bangkok tomorrow arvo for a long overdue sopt of R&R and catch up with Missus Huang and the little Thai princess. I’m thinking of Koh Samet, as it’s not so far from BKK.

Had a friend go there last year and raved about it, but i can’t get in touch with him just now. Missus Huang’s never been.


Is Charlies Huts still there on Koh Samui?

You lazy tosser!

[quote]Charlie’s Huts

The long-running Charlie’s Huts is closing in June 2006 to makeway for a new Amari Resort. One of the last of the backpacker havens on Chaweng, your best bet for a cheap bed on Chaweng beach is now towards the northern end of the beach.[/quote]

Now that doesn’t help me with Koh Samet!

What about Fuckit, er Phuket? What I just read said it rains in Koh Samet in May.



Well…do not go to Phuket.

  1. It is creepy after all of those tsunami videos
  2. It’s full of Germans or worse, Suiss.

Oh gawd! That’s a thought, I’ll be there with the little Thai princess. It’s creepy enough the way people look at me when I’m holding her hand to cross the road, man I couldn’t stand the thought of peds hanging atround gawking at her! And doing 10 years in Ban Kwang for offing a perve would not be my notion of a fanatsic holiday outcome.


:laughing: Just think of what the Peds are thinking of you :laughing: Ban Kwang indeed (see avatar)

i was going to say don’t go there…but he went there…maybe wear a sign saying “Phuk off she’s my daughter”…

Aiyo! Don’t want to put the thought into their perverted heads!

Haven’t gone anywhere as yet. Fly to Bangkok tomorrow arvo.



Having a young daughter myself, I don’t know which is worse…the leering at her or the leering at me…

it actually took me a while to work out that I was the one they were having a problem with :blush: …then it took me a little more rumination to figure out why :astonished: :fume:

Huh? I’m sure I posted a reply in here, and given the sub-topic I’m damned sure it wasn’t offensive. but it done gone. Cest-la-guerre.

Meesus Huang has free air tickets and a free night at a fancy joint in Patong in Phuket, so this arvo, that’s where we head. In her words she needs some lurvin’ attention and the wee one needs schoolin’. so the lil’ princess doesn’t make this run, we catch her back in Bangkok over the weekend.

So now, Patong? Any ideas?


Yes, well I suffered the some poverty of thought after arriving there myself and after sapping the complimentary night we headed off to Koh Phi Phi. Much, much nicer.

Wandered around Pathong night one which got me thinking that it’s Pattaya without the concentrated sleaze, and for mind it’s worse. What is the foreign tourist couple obsession with hanging out in bars full of screeching and preening lady boys? Give me the simplicity of sleazy blokes on the prowl any day.