What's That Dog?

I was watching some Japanese TV last night and they had this dog on there that was orange and looked exactly like a fox, my wife said it was a Japanese breed dog, but didn’t know the name. Does anyone know this dog? And doesn’t it look just pimp?

Dude, that’s Basil Brush. (was he driving a car?)

No he was just sitting there, but he looks like a fox…any pix, if I see it, I’ll know if it’s it or not.

Do you mean the Shiba Inu?

http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/shiba.htm More pictures at this URL

Yeah, That’s Basil…“Boom, Boom”

That’s the dog! It’s so cool…I want one! I wonder if they are available in TW?

They are definitely available here in Taiwan. Here is the name in Chinese. Write down these characters or print them out and go ask around at all of the usual places.


Isn’t Forumosa great!!?? You got your answer in less than an hour. Actually you got the dog’s name in English in less than 10 minutes then in Chinese in less than an hour. Would you like home delivery of the pet by Lunch? If you have a credit card please give me a call. The delivery will be NT$500.

for the whole dog? That’s a damn cheap meal.

You can also order just half for NT$300.

do you have to spitroast it yourself?

There was a dog like that in the news yesterday. Somebody found one on the street and brought it to the police station where he was tied to the wall with handcuffs. They said, they had to handcuff him because this particular breed is very expensive and they didn’t want the dog to get lost before they found the owner.

Frost, another rescue group has one of these dogs available for adoption. Beautiful, well-behaved dog, and very foxlike.

Let me know.


Isn’t Forumosa great!!?? You got your answer in less than an hour. Actually you got the dog’s name in English in less than 10 minutes then in Chinese in less than an hour. [/quote]It sure is great. Before the end of the day, he can even get one for free! While helping a homeless animal yet. It doesn’t get better than that!

Nice looking dog. I believe these dogs make for great guard dogs, and excellent companions too.

I found one on Forumosa. She was being kept in a cage for 6 months, then tied up for another 6 months. Interesting breed indeed…more like a cat than a dog. If you don’t care about it shedding like MAD for about 4 months (2 months twice a year) then get one. Be very careful though, they are really expensive and Sambuka has many issues (not only due to her confinement) because of her being over-bred? Is that what you call it?

I saw some Shiba Inus on that website that was on this forum a while back…It’s a website that has thousands of cats and dogs available.

They aren’t allowed off the leash…it states that on most websites. They were trained to retrieve ducks hunters shot…so if they see anything move they just go for it…Very dangerous in the city…

Oh and they tear stuff up…it’s in them…

Please check the site stormpages.com/bravewolf/shibainu.html

Here is my little monster…[/img]

Hey, I have a shiba too. Got him in Taiwan. They are very common in Taiwan. So common that I am sure that you’d be able to rescue a beautiful and deserving shiba from any number of organizations.

I probably sound hypocritical, since my boyfriend and I paid a sketchy and probably disreputable breeder for ours and raised him from the time he was a brat of a puppy, but our shiba was the beginning of me finding out more about what it’s like for dogs in Taiwan. I will never buy another pet from a Taiwanese breeder again in my lifetime. My excuse is that I was young and naive and had too much disposable income at the time. But I love my shiba just the same. I love my shiba, despite his extreme skittishness (his breed is known for that), his possessiveness (his breed is known for that) his cockiness (his breed is known for that), his frustrating skill at wriggling out of EVERY collar and harness we got him (his breed is known for that – good luck finding a Martingale collar in Taiwan!), the insane amount of time I have to spend brushing him when he’s blowing out his coat (his breed is known for that), his refusal to answer when called (his breed is known for that). Ah…

My aunt, on the other hand, adopted a pup that was three-quarters shiba, just as fox-like, and apparently he’s way more controllable than mine. I’m only slightly envious. :wink:

How is your little devil doing? Yeah, I looooooooove my shiba too, but they really should come with a user manual hey! I remember when your shiba ate coffee or chocolate? Scary stuff! I don’t keep Sambukas coat…I keep it shaved.

Hey Battery9!

Well, Bowdu’s currently on day 5 of his new American life. I detailed his plane ride in the exporting animals out of Taiwan thread (probably not as exciting to read about as it was to experience). So far, he’s managed to wriggle out of his harness once when he flushed a bunny out of a bush and chased it all around my boyfriend’s lakeside community (luckily, it wasn’t Taipei traffic!!), go swimming, mark many mailbox posts and poop in many grassy lawns. He loves living in houses with LOTS of natural light, and I’ve found out that he gets along really well with cats (he mostly ignores them, and will just calmly turn around if they hiss in his face). And I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve heard “He looks just like a little fox!”

Swimming Shiba…

Backlit Shiba in a sunlit living room…

wow, I’m so happy for him! Here is Sambukas first experience with water…I took her to the river on Sat…the goggles are just for the pic…

This is a picture of Percy, my three-legged Shiba dog and Dodo, my miniature schnauzer. I got Percy from the pound about two months ago. He’s a complete sweetheart, but very much a shiba. He doesn’t come when called, he knows how to sit, but is picky about when he “hears” you and loves to chew on whatever in a distracted yet thorough manner. Books are his favorite!