What's that movie called? (CIA, mind-reading, fairly new)

Saw the previews a year or so ago, something with new, young CIA recruits that can read minds or have telepathic abilities (or something to that extend). Some kind of action flick.

Any clues as to the name of that movie are appreciated. :slight_smile:

“Starship Troopers”? :wink:

That clue is way to vague. :wink:

Could be "Aeon flux.’ (Which will be garbage.)

If I had to name it myself, judging by your synopsis would be…

“Pathetic Mediums.”

4400 or something??

None of the above; it’s not Sci-Fi like Aeon Flux and 4400 is a series.

I remember that the recruits are new and then their training turns into a real case (but it’s not ‘The Recruit’), possibly threatening them.
The film must be from 2004 or 2005 and was due for a cinema release at the time but it seems it never made it to the box-office here (or I missed it).

And I watch way too much cable.

Wasn’t CIA anyway… :wink:

Nope, seen that movie.

Duh, it was FBI, not CIA: Mindhunters (2004)