What's the best Indian restaurant in Taichung?

Taking the wife out for a birthday dinner, and she loves good Indian. Recommendations?

Used to go to Bollywood, but recently it seemed overpriced and not as good.
Andrews (?sp, same street) was not tasty.

Of late have been going to Mr India (6 Jingcheng Road), but on the last visit there was an unfortunate ceiling leak and the head chef was also away on a visa run. That wasn’t great either :s.

Thanks Nuit. Have been to Mr. India and it is decent, but it is a ‘dry’ place. Probably go there again unless I get a better suggestion. Won’t go to Kebabish/Bollywood. First time we were there the boss woman was impatient with us. The second time, she just a rude bitch.

Assuming it’s still in business, there’s this delicious, tiny little joint in the site where the Border (Mexican) used to be. It’s in Taichung city, just west of Taichung Gang Rd … I’ve been gone a while so I’m drawing a blank, but maybe Jin Cheng Rd? Ask around, it’s worth finding.

That would be Mr. India.

The only other ones not mentioned here are Indian Prince. It is further south on Jing Cheng Road, just past Gong Yi Road. Another option is Little Tibet near Feng Jia. Haven’t tried either, so can’t provide recommendations.

Mumbai, in Bermondsey.

Sorry, not very helpful, but the crab Bhuna is the bomb, yo.

Delhi Bistro Indian Curries is newly open restaurant and it’s pretty good ambient and nice food. Owner is really good.