What's the best way to find a job in Taiwan?

As in a corporate job?

What’s the best way?

Don’t tell me to bribe people.

  1. Sunday newspapers.
  2. Post your resume with the [url=http://www.nyc.gov.tw]National Youth Commission/url.
  3. Post your resume and apply for jobs on one or two of the largest career websites.
  4. Send your resume to the companies you would like to work for even if they are not hiring.
  5. Personal/family connections.

Thanks! I tried to view this site: nyc.gov.tw/ but I guess I can’t because I’m in China so far and they block all the government sites.

Thanks though.

What do you want to do?
What are your objectives?
Do you speak enough Chinese?

-Most foreigners easily can find a job as an English teacher or do some translation work if you speak 2 or more languages.
-If you want to find a corporate job, you just might try some “cold calling”; take the yellowpages and call some companies, which you might be interested in.
-Some foreign representative offices are willing to help you in your job search; provide you with useful information, though you may end up paying for it.

Online jobsites like



[quote=“sticks of fury”]Online jobsites like



104 is a good bet.

You may also try Taiwan’s jobsite for English/Chinese speaking professionals, www.taoroo.com

You may also try 104.com.tw and 1111.com.tw but you will need help with setting up your account.

The pay scale for jobs in local companies can start at 45k up to 80-90k depending on experience. It’s very hard to get a high paying salary in local companies, salaries top out, the top earners will only be the sales mgrs and they earn most of their income from bonus schemes, plus the board and dept. management level which you don’t really have a chance to get into. A good medium is 60k to start. Look for at least 13 mths basic salary, you can be cheeky and ask for 13.5 or 14mths. They can handle that, ask for anymore with no experience and they will probably hire a local who has good experience and works long hours. Another reason not to take too low an offer is that its simply not worth it when you consider you’d have to work for a year or two at a job that is paying buttons and long hours at least 45 hour work week (compared to the old 25 hr , 60k pck of teaching).

You may also get another 1 or 2 mths if you work in a tech company. Salary wise it used to be best to aim for the big electronics companies because of bonus and benefit schemes but it is not alway so. Many are exploiting foreigners who would like to get experience by offering 45k to 55k/mth max for technical writing jobs. You could take it grudgingly as a stepping stone, the companies and managers of these depts are usually foreigners with a few years exp. there and who joined in better times (they get an incentive from their HR dept. (often equal to one months pay) when they hire you and probably more if they don’t pay you too much!

Many of the job offers would come from small companies, their salaries max out though so after a couple of years you would get frustrated, just experience and contact building. Get started at something and work from there.
If you are in a sales position you should look for sales commission starting at approx. 2% and going up according to targets. Some companies will do a performance review and add maybe a month or 2 to the standard package if you are lucky. You probably wouldn’t get such a position (sales/distributor mgr.) starting out but can migrate to it pretty quickly in most companies.

Taiwan’s a good place to get some experience in trading and tech businesses. It used to be easier to progress but the economy has been in the doldrums for the last 7 years. Hopefully it will get better this year. There is little in the way of financial or service type businesses. There are also more and more English editing and copywriting jobs out there. There are almost no multinational companies offering jobs to foreigners, they’ve moved on to China and their offices handle local business only. Unless you’ve got a very specific skill in tech. don’t really have a hope getting into them.