What's the Biggest Lie People Still Believe?

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I never get it why people abhor the idea of death. Live and dead is a cycle. Like most things in this world it’s dynamic. Nothing lives if nothing dies. Nothing dies if nothing lives. Things eat and get eaten. Things kill and get killed. That’s nature. (I’m not talking about homocide here…)

We eat animals and plants also the micro animals along with them. And we poop. And in the poop grows another micro system and plants and other animals eat that poppy plants and prosper. The point is to keep that cycle alive, not eliminate a step. To think that we should eat only lab cultures meat and plants without killing a live. It’s not gonna happen. Plants relies on those micro animals to live. If you’ve ever planted anything before you’d know that you can’t get rid of them. And a well balanced micro system in the soil keeps the plant healthy. If you know any botany, you’d know that some plants are actually crying to be eaten. So they could multiply. The animals carries the seed. Some protects the plant so they could get steady food supply. And for humans, we are capable of doing more. Regarding lab meat, well you can’t really get rid of the micro animals on them too. I don’t think it’s a previews to KILL all the micro animals. Yes, you can’t get rid of them unless you kill them and culture the meat in a non bacterial environment.

Live and die. No dying no living. No living no dying. It’s all part of nature. You want healthy food, you eat them all together. Just be sure to make healthy poop to return the favor.

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Posted in the right thread at least.

Brings up yet one more big lie that people inexplicably still believe: consumption of the MSM makes one informed.

Jeffery Epstein killed himself.



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My buddy from Ireland got a green card and moved to Texas …He worked there for a few years in his twenties. He enjoyed it somewhat but I think it wasn’t a bed of roses , but he came back to Ireland and did much better for himself and he had a great life (he passed away :disappointed_relieved:). It’s hard being a migrant anywhere especially if you dont have family backup and resources to help you. My friends that moved to Australia and Canada are dong great but I think it’s the family connections that make them stay. Same as me basically.


Consumption of any media without first understanding that all media has implicit bias…

…come on, you have a brain, use it.

I’m not talking about implicit bias. I’m talking about the overt lying kind of fake news that outlets like NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, and a host of other MSM sources have published, especially with respect to their coverage of President Trump. That news about obvious attempts by the left to retard global economic growth, for an as yet unidentified reason(s), doesn’t make its way to the MSM may be related.

… come on, you have a brain, use it.

Yes you’re quite right. President Trump has been very unfairly portrayed in MSM. They’ve made up so many lies about him. They’ve even reported his tweets word for word and then had the nerve to claim that said tweets are falsehoods.

Now, where did I leave my brain?


Yes, so so many. He’s a traitor, he’s a crook, he’s stupid, he’s a russian tool, ad nauseam.

Hard to believe they still have a shred of credibility.

They don’t. You’ve convinced me. He’s the greatest president in the history of America. His achievements speak for themselves. That Mexican Wall, the brilliant COVID strategy, um, the golf…

Have I missed anything?



A guy can hope.


aaaand there we go. Mike Godwin needs to update his Law:

“Every thread that goes on long enough will eventually be about Donald Trump”.


says a lot about Trump as how people perceive him.

Indeed. He certainly proved the point that “there’s no such thing as bad PR”.

Except that his bad PR caused him to lose the election?

He still got to be POTUS for 4 years though, innit? And people are still talking about him like he’s the most important person on the planet.